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10 must do Trekking in Himalayas in 2017

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Nothing in more exciting than a Trekking in Himalayas.

Here is the list of 10 must do trekking in Himalayas in this new year 2015

1. Kedarkantha Trek

This relatively unknown trek is a superb winter trek in himalayas. Kedarkantha Peak Trek gives you an opportunity to summit a peak in winter and clear views of majestic Himalayas covered under the white sheet of snow during winters.

 Kedarkantha Trek - trek in himalayas

Grade: Easy

Best Time: December – January and March- April

Durations: 6 Days 

Altitude: 3800m 

2. Roopkund Trek 

Roopkund Trek is the most famous trek in Himalayas due to its mysteries of human skeleton found here in this high altitude glacial lakes.

Roopkund Trek - Trek in Himalayas

Grade: Moderate

Best Time: May June and Mid September to October

Durations: 8 Days 

Altitude: 5200m 

Photo Credit: Aritra Sil

3. Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of Flowers trek is set to open in 2015 for trekkers who wants to do this wonderful trek in Himalayas. Valley of Flowers trek takes to hidden treasure of high Himalayan Valleys.

Valley of Flowers Trek - Trek in Himalayas

Grade: Easy

Best Time: July to Mid September

Durations: 6 Days 

Altitude: 4400m 

4. Stok Kangri Trek

Stok Kangri trek is sort of mountaineering expedition which takes you to an altitude of 6153m and no mountaineering expertise is required. Any trekker who have been to a trek in himalayas can test their endurance in summiting this trekking peak.

stok kangri best trekking in himalayas

Grade: Challenging 

Best Time: July August

Durations: 8 Days 

Altitude: 6153m 

5. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is a classic trekking in Himalayas but in comparison to others trekking in Himalayas it’s not that famous. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek can a wonderful trek for first time trekkers in the Himalayas and considered as beginner’s delight.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trekking in himalayas

Grade: Easy to Moderate

Best Time: June to September 

Durations: 8 Days 

Altitude: 4200m 

6. Chandratal with Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass trek is the best trekking in Himalayas for first time trekkers and there are number of reasons why Hampta Pass Trek is so famous among amateur trekkers.

Hampta pass trek with chandratal lake trek

Grade: Easy

Best Time: July to Oct

Durations: 5 Days 

Altitude: 4400m 

7. Har Ki Doon Trek

The Har Ki Doon means Valley of Gods is a treat for first time trekkers and nature lovers. Har Ki dun is a moderate trek which takes you to the one of the least explored places in the Garhwal Himalayas.

Har Ki Doon Trek

Grade: Easy

Best Time: March to June – Oct to December 

Durations: 6 Days 

Altitude: 3510m 

8. Goechala Trek 

Goecha la trek is classic Himalayan trek in beautiful state of Sikkim. Sikkim is emerging as perfect destination for odd traveler who is looking for an experience and not just holidays.


Grade: Moderate to Challenging

Best Time: April to June and September to November

Durations: 8 Days 

Altitude: 4900m 

9. Kuari Pass Trek 

Kuari which means “doorway” is a Himalayan high mountain pass situated in the Garhwal region of northern India, south of the Tibetan border and on the western rim of the “Nanda Devi Sanctuary” Biosphere Reserve and falls in the Chamoli district.

trekking in himalayas

Grade: Easy

Best Time: December – January and March- April

Durations: 6 Days 

Altitude: 3800m 

10. Chadar Trek 

The most glamourous Ladakh Trekking…sheer thrill of walking over the frozen river in -25 degree celicius can give you goose bump and just imagine What Chadar trek offers you ..

Chadar trek

Grade: Moderate

Best Time: December – January and Mid Feb

Durations: 6 Days 

Altitude: 3500m 

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