5 Awesome Attractions That Make Sikkim Himalayas Unique



5 Awesome Attractions That Make Sikkim Himalayas Unique

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The mighty Kanchenjunga, nothing less, protects and overlooks this tiny yet prosperous landlocked state of Sikkim. A tour through this beautiful land will lead you through untamed nature, treks down paths laced with flowers, snow clad mountain peaks beckoning you to scale them, mighty rivers that will carry your raft and the austere monasteries that will infuse you with peace.

Here are 5 unique reasons, the towering Sikkim Himalayas will make your tour a memory to cherish forever.

Goechala – a Trekker’s Dream

Sikkim is a paradise for adventure seekers and the Goechala trek to 16,000 ft will prove that. The trek is challenging, but enthralling as it routes through lushgreen flora and exotic fauna with chances of playing a ‘peek-a boo’ with the Himalayan Bear or the colourful pheasants.

The Samiti lake, Rhododendron forests and the plentiful orchids make this trek your romantic tryst with nature, but what will really take your breath away is the view of the awe inspiring peaks of Kanchenjunga and Mount Kabru with sunlight shimmering off their peaks. No wonder, Goechala is close to every trekker’s heart!

Goechala Trek (source)

Legend of the Lake Tsongmo

Sikkim has many crystal clear and scenic blue lakes that lend a charm to its beauty. The Changu Lake or the Tsongmo Lake at 21,310 ft, blue in the summer, quite frozen in the winter and a different color every season, is one of the highest in the world. If you have strong lungs and are armed with warm woolens, you will have no trouble riding your yak around the lake accompanied by the flutter of prayer flags and even stop for a warm cuppa of tea later. This ethereal lake revered by the locals and mystified by legends is a must visit on every tourist’s itinerary.

Lake Tsongmo (source)

Rumtek – Home to the Karmapa

Your visit to Sikkim Himalayas would not be complete without a visit to this sprawling monastery of much importance in the Tibetan struggle. A winding path through the mountains and paddy fields will take you to the abode of His Holiness The Gyalwa Karmapa. And walking through the monastery’s schools and lodges will give you a soulful insight into the Tibetan culture and their lineage of Karampas.

Rumtek (source)

White Water Rafting Down Teesta

River Rafting is another sport that Sikkim can boast about with the Teesta and Rangeet, hurtling down the Himalayas to meet at the Teesta Bazaar.
The rapids are perfect for the white water raft enthusiasts (even a novice can safely experience the excitement of rafting with the experts), and the winding river banks are a picturesque sight with forests, terraced farms and sandy beaches are ideal for campsites. The sportive traveler just can’t miss this enchanting and exciting time on the raft – with a life jacket of course!

River Rafting (source)

The Old Silk Route
Nathu la Pass at 14,450ft and 3 hours from Gangtok, once an important silk route halt still remains an important Indo –Chinese border point with just a barbed wire between the two posts. This place gained a religious popularity, when Tenzin Gyatso, the current Dalia Lama, travelled through this pass to mark the 2500th birthday celebrations of Lord Buddha.

The land of legends and the land that is home to the Lepchas, Tibetan and the Nepalese will leave you spellbound as you take home a riot of colours, culture, spirituality, adventure and a desire for more.

Dear friends, the Himalayas of Sikkim are beckoning you!


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