5 Reasons for Couples to Go Trekking in the Himalayas

Trek to Valley of Flowers



5 Reasons for Couples to Go Trekking in the Himalayas

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5 Reasons for Couples to Go Trekking in the Himalayas

Trekking for Couples

Four Pillars of Loving Relationship : Trust, Love, Respect & Understanding

What keeps a couple together and happy? The four pillars of a loving relationship – trust, love, respect and understanding.  Keeping these pillars from crumbling is, however, a 24/7 job.  But it does not have to be hard or painful, there are fun, adventurous and healthy ways of bonding with your partner. We recommend one such tried and tested “path” – a couple trek in the majestic Himalayas. Most couples would opt for safer, more luxurious, less tiring getaways. But, what could make you worry about safety and pain or even comfort when you are with your partner?? A trek in the Himalayas would be ideal for couples who are not just health and fitness conscious or those who share a common love for mountainous landscapes, fresh air and challenging workouts but for all the couples.


Why the Himalayas? Those who have been there never fail to evoke the ethereal quality of the mighty mountains and the transcendental, mystic power of the peaks and valleys. Almost all return centered, humbled and transformed. If the Himalayas can teach you patience, humility, sensitivity to your surroundings and bestow you with inner peace, you are not just a better human being but a better, more loving partner/spouse. From Ladakh to Sikkim, from Uttaranchal to Himachal Pradesh, go take a dive in the beauty of a vibrant valley of flowers, of surreal landscapes and serene skies…together!

We give you five excellent reasons to trek together in the Himalayas:


A trek in the Himalayas can strain every sinew and every nerve. Only the tough will survive, stays no more. It does help, though, to share some of this strain, to be present if your partner falters, to accompany in illness and health, good times and bad. The security that comes from trekking as a couple is probably the finest reason why you should be trekking together.

Romance and Passion

The Himalayas provide the perfect romantic backdrop for a great workout. As they say, couples that work-out together stay together. Those moments of tenderness, hands held together, while you look back at the distance covered, the hug and kiss of elation when you have made it to a destination, the intimacy that is waiting to be expressed in the midst of nature, the “Silsila-like” silken romance that the valley of flowers would gently encourage…need we say more? The Himalayas couldn’t care less if you have been married two years or twenty. Age is just a number here.

And if you are dating, the trek-date would be the perfect setting to discover if you are made for each other. Observe her spirit of cooperation, his sense of timing, her sense of discipline, his capacity to reach out to strangers and work out solutions proactively. These are, after all, the attributes of a good spouse.


Romance in Himalayas

Mutual Motivation

As a couple, you not only give the company, but are also expected to bring out the best in each other. Gently nudging your partner, literally, to greater heights is what a happy relationship is all about.  Those “I know you can do it”, “that was quite a feat!”, “keep going – I’m with you” encouraging phrases will not only help you make it to your destination, but will also bring your other half to have full support for you. Haven’t you always waited for this one single time, when your spouse would bring roots to the promise they had made long back.

Learning to Let Go

One of the most unforgettable lessons a trek in the Himalayas can teach you is to let go. You may be a power-couple, sophisticated, go-getting and used to controlling and being controlled.  In the mountains, though, you learn to let go – since your sphere of influence is far smaller.  When you are together in the knowledge that you have no choice but to surrender to the vagaries of nature, you learn to listen to each other and show respect and appreciation for every obstacle to overcome, every sign of resilience and consideration. When you return to your concrete jungles, you are a more evolved couple – capable of better discerning the urgent from the important and letting go whenever necessary.

Pacing Each Other

Couples often do in the Himalayas what they forget today while living through their daily schedules.  They pace themselves and each other. “Slow down”, “take it easy”, let’s stop a while”, “let’s go”… every step in sync with your bodily needs and sensations, every remark a reflection of your intuition regarding your partner’s needs. When you pace each other, you tune in to each other, emotionally, psychologically and physically.

So when you return with tanned faces, svelte silhouettes and bright eyes, expect your folks back home to turn green with envy. They will want to know if it was love, or the Himalayas that kept you going.  Only you know the answer!


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