Things to keep in mind when Trekking in India



Things to keep in mind when Trekking in India

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Trekking In India

Trekking in India is quite popular now, younger population with higher disposable income and lure of an unforgettable experience what makes Trekking in India popular. India is home to 70% Himalayas is home to some of the best treks in world. So What are the most important things which to keep in mind when thinking of trekking in India. So take the following factors into account, and we’re sure you’ll have your answer by the end!

1. Your Past Trekking Experience

How much have you trekked in the past?

If you’re an absolute beginner and want to go for some good high altitude treks then you should start these best treks for Beginners like Hampta Pass, Valley of Flowers, Bhrigu Lake, Kedarkantha Trek, Brahmatal to name a few. Here is the hierarchy for trekkers which trek you begin with and then gradually move to more tough trekking in India.

Tips for trekking in india

The route to Tungnath-Chandrashila. Chaukhamba peeks out in the background.[/caption]

If you’ve done a couple of treks, perhaps Har Ki Dun or Dayara Bugyal catches your fancy!

And if you have quite some experience, perhaps you should answer the call of Stok Kangri, Rupin Pass, or Goecha La.

Best Trekking in India

2. Fitness Level

How fit are you? Ideally, you should be fit for any trek. Work out a month in advance in order to make sure you’re prepared.

If you’re in good shape, then most treks can be undertaken by you. Even Kuari Pass can be done by trekkers who don’t have that much experience, yet are fit.

Hampta Pass Trek

3. Weather and Season

Most Himalayan treks like Hampta Pass and Kashmir’s Great Lakes are doable in May and June, but there are some treks that are known for the particular seasons they thrive in. If you’re going in April, think of Chopta-Chandrashila. The rhododendrons are in full bloom at Chopta and the route to Tungnath, and you might even encounter some ice and snow near Chandrashila top!

Trekking in India

The pink rhododendrons aka Buransh, at Chopta.

Come July and August, and the famous Valley of Flowers beckons you. The flowers are in full bloom, and monsoon treks hold a charm of their own.

Valley of Flowers Trek Best trekking in India

September, October, and November, though cold, are the best months for catching a view of the snow capped peaks. The skies are at their clearest, so I’d recommend Nag Tibba or Kuari Pass.

Kuari pass Trek best trekking in India

Come December and January, and we have the classic winter treks, namely Kedarkantha, and the Chadar trek.

Nag Tibba best trekking In india

4. Number Of Days At Hand

How many days do you have? If it’s a long weekend trip, then something like Kheerganga and Bhrigu Lake may be more up your alley.

Bhrigu Lake trek best trekking in india

But if you have a good week to 10 days, go for a trek like Roopkund in Uttarakhand, or the Great Lakes in Kashmir.

Kashmir great lakes trek best trekking in india

For something in between, try Chandrakhani Pass near Manali!

5. Budget

If you’ve got a humble amount saved up, then Piang Neru or Khar Myundari may be just what you’re looking for!

Pin Parvati trek Best trekking in india

And if money’s not an issue, try Pin Parvati Pass or Pangarchula Peak trek.

Pro tip: The lesser the days, the cheaper it will be.

Well, we just offered you a variety of choices, and how to decide them, so are you any closer to making up your mind?


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