Things to do in Ladakh

 Photography:

The beautiful landscape, rivers, breath-taking scenery, wildlife, birds, people and almost everything in Ladakh is click-worthy. Some of the unique races, animals, and places make up the unique treasures of Ladakh and with them are the unique memories of an adventure and spiritually uplifting trip to Ladakh.

 Spinning the prayer wheels:

Every Buddhist monastery in Ladakh has prayer wheels built in to a wall. It is one of the most spiritual things to do in Ladakh and is equivalent to chanting mantras.

 Attend the festivals:

Ladakh has several festivals around the year. Each festival is unique but has a common theme of promoting peace, harmony, spiritual growth and eradication of evil to all of them.

 Visit the beautiful valleys:

Indus valley, Nubra valley, Suru valley and many other valleys offer breath-taking views where Mother Nature is at its best. The beautiful Zanskar Valley is one of these gems and is known as the true Shangri-La.

 Discover the Spiritual treasures:

The high altitude location of Leh Ladakh is not just a natural paradise but is also a spiritual retreat because of its age old monasteries, gurudwara, temples and mosques. It is the perfect destination for solitude and peace seeking lonely traveler.

 Adventure:

There are plenty of adventurous activities ranging from river rafting, mountaineering, paragliding, skiing, ice hockey, mountain biking,trekking; to satiate the adrenalin rush in all kinds of adventure junkies.

 Savor the delicious Ladakhi cuisine:

Ladakhi cuisine is full of fresh farm produced vegetables and meats. While meat lovers would find a variety of dishes, veggie lovers will not leave disappointed as well. It is not just tasty but very healthy and has some unique specialties worth trying.

 Watching the Sunrise, Sunset and the Moon:

The sunrise and sunset at most places in Leh Ladakh are beyond spectacular and the moon looks supremely beautiful in the starry skies of Ladakh. The pollution free and tranquil environments here are few of the reasons for these heavenly delights.

 Camping:

There are several camping sites on the mountains of Ladakh. For e.g.: Sarchu


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