Treks starting from Uttarkashi

Area Chart: Rishikesh – Uttarkashi – Agoda – Dodi Tal – Agoda – Chamba – Rishikesh

Best time to Visit: June – October

The magnificence of the Uttaranchal slopes is picture-great. Here, confidence in old civilisation has been kept alive while life goes back to numerous hundreds of years. An ordeal worth esteeming forever !


Day 1 – Dodital Trek, Uttarkashi, Agoda, Dodital, Chamba, Rishikesh – Uttarkashi ( 202km; drive 4 – 5hrs )

Drive early morning from Rishikesh to Uttarkashi, the locale base camp in the upper segment of the Bhagirathi valley at an elevation of 0915m, with the lovely Bhagirathi stream coursing through the town. Stop in transit for lunch. Check in at an inn on entry at night. Unwind and plan for following day’s trek. Overnight stay and supper at the lodging.

Day 2 – Uttarkashi – Agoda ( 17 km drive, 5km trek)

Drive to Kalyani (17km) and after that we begin the trek (5km, 2-3hrs). After a continuous ascension touch base at the camp. Appreciate the night in the lovely surroundings at 2135m. Supper and overnight stay at the camp.

Day 3 – Agoda – Dodi Tal ( 15 km; 6 – 8 hrs )

Dodital Trek, Uttarkashi, Agoda, Dodital, Chamba, Rishikesh. After breakfast begin the day by a trek to reach Dodi Tal. We achieve a high elevation lake at 3322m with completely clear waters and encompassed by a thick backwoods of snow capped trees and possessed by celebrated around the world Himalayan Trout – a pleasure for fishermen and in addition nature beaus. Kindly recollect that a grant is required for angling in the lake. Encompassed by mountains, the lake is a heaven to be in and its peace and serenity add to the magnificence. Supper and overnight in the camp.

Day 4 – Dodi Tal

Spend the day angling or simply climbing in the timberland. This area is occupied with uncommon natural life including the Snow panther, Snow fox, Monal. Supper and overnight at camp.

Day 05 – Dodi Tal – Agoda ( 15km; 6 – 8 hrs )

Dodital Trek, Uttarkashi, Agoda, Dodital, Chamba, Rishikesh. Return to Agoda by the same course and camp overnight.

Day 06 – Agoda – Chamba ( 6 – 8 hrs )

Trek down to Kalyani to end the tryst with the mountains and drive back to Uttarkashi for lunch. Drive to Chamba toward the evening to check in at an inn. Chamba is arranged on a 1677m high edge. It is a residential area which gives amazing perspectives of the High Himalayas with marvellous dawn and nightfall visual encounters. In transit you can visit the site of Asia’s biggest rock filled dam being worked at Tehri. Supper and overnight stay at the inn.

Day 7 – Chamba – Rishikesh (73 km; 3 – 4 hrs)

Drive to Rishikesh and check in at lodging on entry. Spend the day investigating the conventions and societies of India on the banks of the blessed stream Ganga. Visit the Swargashram, the Ram Dodital Trek, Uttarkashi, Agoda, Dodital, Chamba, Rishikesh and Lakshman Jhoolas, the Gita bhavan and go to the night “Arti” on the Ganga banks. Overnight at Rishikesh.

Day 8 – Rishikesh – Delhi (178km; 5 – 6 hrs)

Drive back to Delhi to end the visit.