About Mana Village

Mana Village

Manal Village situated at a height of 3420 meters or 12200 feet above sea level, on the shores of the Saraswati River and the Alaknanda River, Mana is 525 km from Delhi. Mana Village is just 3 Kms ahead of Badrinath Temple, one of the world’s most seasoned and most frequented journeys. Mana is likewise the last Indian Village, 48 km in front of which lies the Tibet The Border Roads Organization has augmented the street another 10 km to Musapani, from where the Inner line is 2 km away at Ghastoli.

Mana’s Bhutia tribal group is transitory, their life design connected to the Badrinath altar. The group’s residence figure of speech comprises of stone cabins, single or twofold strayed, mud put with slate-tiled slanting rooftops, incorporated with the slope, some with cut wooden windows and entryway surface. Ladies are the genuine guardians of the indigenous information of making normal colors. The additionally gather wild plant crude materials.

The Mana Village Bhutias are known for their ability in making a scope of woolen articles of clothing and materials, other than handling and shading of fleece. Mana, in the same way as other Garhwal towns, is along these lines a human settlement as well as a miniaturized scale environment enveloping the nearby group, domesticated animals, physical and natural assets.

Best Time to go to Mana Village: 

The best time to go to Mana Village is a mid-May to September. Group: The town includes 150 houses. The group tends its Yaks under the vigilant gaze not a long way from the Tibet outskirt. The nearby group is Mana Bhutias-comprises of 290 families. Around 200 persons are utilized in different government and military foundations. Proficiency is high with a bank of instructed youth searching for a vocation. Faithfulness to the town is solid.

Mana Village Nearby Places to Visit

Mana is the last Indian town near the Indo-Tibetan outskirt. The district falls inside of the cradle zone of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve (NDBR), an archive of delicate and different life emotionally supportive networks. In this district, the recognizing guest gets a chance to get very close to nature, and a type of greatly neighborly, honorable and skilled parcel of transient nearby inhabitants – the Bhutias. Most importantly, the vacationer will most certainly get entranced by the straightforward way of life of this people. Apart from the high thickness Badrinath yatra, voyagers can diverge into Mana for short day trips.

1. Nature partners can visit the Valley of Flowers and Hem Kund yatra.

2. Experience seekers can pick treks and mountaineering endeavors in and around Kalindi Khal,

3. Bheem Pul

4. Trek to Satopanth Lake

5. Ganesh Gufa