About Renok

Renok is an adventure company established in 2011 which specializes in trekking, adventure activities and outbound training. As nature and adventure aficionados we strive to give you an experience where the destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

Our Values

We believe there is a difference between a tourist and a traveller. We cater to travellers.

Disconnect to Connect

We at Renok Adventures believe the only way we can connect with nature and ourselves is if we disconnect from our phones and other electronic devices. Only when we leave all our problems, worries and attachments back home do we truly connect with ourselves and our surroundings.

Values- Small groups

We believe the best way to experience the outdoors is in small groups. We don't run away from our city dwellings to come to another fish market.

Sustainable Tourism

We have a deep entrenched belief in sustainable tourism. We generally operate in far flung rural areas when development is at a minimal. It is our company aim to empower people in these villages so that these people see themselves as stakeholders in our success and see themselves as part of our company.

Eco Tourism

We have signed the Eco-Tourism pledge which signifies that we believe that responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people is of the utmost importance and is of the Renok Adventures Ethos.

Fixed Departures

To make adventure travel affordable we have something called fixed departures. Fixed Departure is a commitment we at Renok Adventures makes with our customers that come what may we will not cancel your trek unless due to 'Force Majeure'.

Leave No Trace

Future trekkers should find these pristine environs as we experience them today. To ensure this we follow a policy of leave no trace(LNT).We make sure that we dispose off all our trash in our campsites so that we literally leave no trace of our camp. This is a core principle at Renok Adventures.
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