Authentic food of Leh

1. Tsigu Chhu: This is a drink made from ground apricot kernels and water.

2. Momos: These are made of flour and water. Veg momos are stuffed with vegetables and cheese. Non-   veg momos are stuffed with chicken or mutton. They are generally eaten as steamed but can also be fried.

3. Thukpa: Thukpa is a stew with wheat flour noodles. It literally means over cooked. The ingredients can  be different types of vegetables and chicken.

Authentic food - Leh

4. Thenthuk: The Tibetan meaning of this dish is something torn. This dish is a household delicacy in Ladakh. Its major ingredients are vegetables, wheat flour dough, mutton or meat of yak. Wheat flour dough is mixed with Thenthuk noodles and cut in to big pieces.

5. Sku: This is the staple dish of people in Leh Ladakh. This dish contains small pieces of the kneaded wheat flour prepared with meat and different types of vegetables.

6. Paba: It is a mixed grain and legume flour pudding. Paba can include barley or wheat or both with any of the legumes like peas, broad beans. It is a healthy dish taken by farmers to fields at sowing or harvesting time.

7. Tangthur: Delicious buttermilk served with local vegetables like spinach, radish leaves, celery leaves, cabbage, sugar beet, etc.

8. Chang: It is a special drink prepared with fermented barley and kept in porcelain pots. It is a local beer popular among the residents and the tourists of Leh.

9. Gur Gur Cha: This is the salted butter tea. It is made by mixing Yak butter, salt, soda, milk and Zarcha tea leaves in to boiling water. Butter is added at regular intervals especially during winter season to keep the body warm during the extreme winter season in Leh and Ladakh.

10. Tsong Chhu: This is an easy to make onion soup.

11. Khunak: This is the salted black tea. People in Kargil area drink this and milk tea rather than Gur Gur Cha.

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