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Top 5 Adventurous treks around Pune
Posted by: Diksha Kumar /10410

Pune is popularly known as Mumbai’s twin city and Queen of the Deccan. It was once the homeland of the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire. The Peshwas were known for their forts that are now the main attraction in Pune. Pune is also a popular trekking destination because of its exceptionally good weather. Since there are […]


Trek Story: 11 year old Aarav’s first time trekking experience
Posted by: Diksha Kumar /9702

Trek Story: 11 year old Aarav’s first time trekking experience We recently interviewed eleven-year-old Aarav Anil, a school going boy from Bangalore. In a candid chat, he told us about his first time trekking experience to the Hampta Pass. Read on! Q: What motivated you to go for something like trekking at this young age? A: Around […]


Top 5 weekend getaways from Kolkata
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The world has been coming to Kolkata to absorb the rich culture and metropolitan charm of the city. Nevertheless, daily routine and work can make life monotonous. This means that you need to press your reset button and pack your bags for a perfect weekend getaway once in a while. Renok Adventures lists out top 5 […]


Budget friendly Trekking destinations in India
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  Who doesn’t love the peace and tranquility of mountains and that additional adrenaline rush of a trek? But in today’s modern day lives, putting a dent in your bank balance does not seem thrilling enough? We at Renok Adventures, bring you a list of budget friendly trekking destinations in India  as weekend getaways, so […]