Author: Saheb Singh Chadha


Saheb is an adventurer studying at Ashoka University. Having trekked for the past 10 years, his passions include music, trekking, and anything and everything to do with the Himalayas. He is also an aspiring mountaineer.

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5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing Your Next Trekking Location
Posted by: Saheb Singh Chadha /1990

Well, you’ve been working for a while now, and you think you need a break, and want to go for a trek. But which trekking location should you head for? Take the following factors into account, and we’re sure you’ll have your answer by the end! 1. Past Experience How much have you trekked in the […]


10 Trekking Tips You Can’t Miss Out On
Posted by: Saheb Singh Chadha /3391

If you’re a beginner to trekking, here are 10 trekking tips that should help you prepare for your first trek! And even if you’re experienced, it’s never too late to brush up on some information. Trekking Tip 1: Double check everything. Equipment matters. You don’t want to be out on a hike, and when you […]


First Time Trekking Experiences At Hampta
Posted by: Saheb Singh Chadha /3881

We recently interviewed Kratika Jain, a digital marketer from Ahmedabad. In a candid chat, she tells us about her first time trekking experiences to Hampta Pass in July. Read on! Q: How did you start trekking? A: Actually, this was my first time trekking, and it all happened rather quickly. Quite a lot of my friends were […]