How to Find the Right Backpack



How to Find the Right Backpack

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How to Find the Right Backpack

Your Backpack is the most important equipment for trekking in Himalayasrear Here is a infographic created by Trekking Equipment company REI . This How to find the right backpack is brief and somewhat scientific guide to backpack selection and trek preparation.

How do you measure the capacity of a backpack?

We measure the capacity of the backpack in liters you need to choose the right capacity of backpack for your trekking trip in himalayas. Normally we go for planned trekking trip so you don’t need to carry your sleeping bag and tents so for a 5 day trekking trip an ideal backpack capacity should around 60 to 70 liters.

How big is 30 liter backpack?

30 liter backpack is good enough to carry all the stuff you need for 1 or 2 nights.

How to Find the Right Backpack and backpack capacity

How to pack your backpack?


How do you pack your hiking backpack?

While packing your backpack you should always follow the principle of ABC where A stands for Accessibility, B for Balance and C for Compact. All your essential items like Jacket, Water bottle, Gloves or other light weight items should be in the Top of backpack where you can easily access them during the trek. For Balance all heavy item like crampons, hydration pack should be in the middle of the backpack and thing which you will require only in the night should be kept at the bottom of the backpack. To make your backpack more compact pack all clothes in polybags and then keep them in backpack or use Ranger Roll to pack your clothes for more compactness.

How to pack a hiking backpack diagram?

How to pack a hiking backpack diagram?
How to pack a hiking backpack diagram?

What Backpack Size do I need Diagram?

backpack capacity and backpack size - How to Find the Right Backpack

How do you wear a backpack?


How do you adjust a backpack?

  1. Put you arms through the straps and position the hipbelt on your hip bones
  2. Clip the hip belt buckle and pull the tails forward to tighten you should feel most of the weight on hips not on shoulders
  3. Snug the shoulder straps by pulling down of the webbing tails
  4. Pull the backpack toward your lower back with adjuster straps on the sides of the hipbelt.
  5. Adjust the shoulder straps by pulling them downward or lift the adjusting lock to loose the shoulder strap adjust according to your comfort.

How to pack a sleeping bag?

Hold the sleeping bag cover with one hand and start stuffing the sleeping bag from one side. No need to fold the sleeping bag and then insert in the sleeping bag cover.


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