Bhrigu Lake Trek in June

Bhrigu Lake Trek in August



Bhrigu Lake Trek in June

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In the last few years, Bhrigu Lake trek has been increasingly popular. Though the trek is closed in winter, others months offer something new for every traveller. A Bhrigu Lake trek in June is one of the best ways to get respite from the monotony of city life. With natural beauty and stunning vistas of lush meadows, forest cover and snow-capped mountains, Bhrigu Lake has become one of the most visited trekking routes near Manali.


Right in the lap of Garhwal Himalayas, this trek is preferred by nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Even families looking to get respite from summer visit Manali and plan a few treks, including this one. According to legends, Saint Bhrigu used to meditate on the banks of Bhrigu Lake. As such, it’s believed that his blessings ensure the lake is never completely frozen.


As compared to other treks in the region, Bhrigu Lake trekking experience doesn’t cause many problems. It’s a relatively easy trek, and you don’t need any special skills or training to cover the distance. With a decent level of physical fitness, you can complete the journey within 3-4 days. Every step towards Bhrigu Lake is worth the effort, and the memories you build will remain with you for a lifetime.


Bhrigu Lake Trek in June


In the month of June, you’ll probably notice a good amount of snow on the trail. In fact, a large part of the meadows and the lake may also be frozen. The most mesmerizing part about Bhrigu Lake trek is the vast expanse of green meadows. After crossing one meadow, you just enter another one.


Bhrigu Lake Trek in June


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In order to appreciate the true beauty of Bhrigu Lake, it’s better to plan a visit after June, when the snow has melted. Visiting Bhrigu Lake in June allows you to explore the region at your own pace, but the scenic beauty you encounter would depend on the amount of snowfall received in the preceding year. If you’re planning Bhrigu Lake trek in June or some other month, get in touch with our team. Please click here.


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