Bhrigu Lake Trek in May

Bhrigu Lake Trek in September



Bhrigu Lake Trek in May

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Though Bhrigu Lake is one of the most popular trekking routes in Himachal Pradesh, most people still don’t realize the scenic beauty captured in the region. In fact, most travellers believe that the mesmerizing views of lush meadows on Bhrigu Lake trek in May surpass the beauty of those in Switzerland and other parts of Europe. Due to the increasing popularity of this trekking destination, a lot of travellers wonder about the best season to visit Bhrigu Lake.


One of the most popular high-altitude treks in the country, Bhrigu Lake is only 40 km from Manali, a popular hill station. On the trail, you pass through lush meadows, which change colour every few meters. Unlike other treks near Manali, this one is relatively easy, and allows you to soak in mesmerizing views.


Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, you walk through scenic grasslands, set in the vast expanse of Kullu Valley. Once you start walking on the trail, it feels like you’ve entered a completely new world. If you’ve been considering a vacation to escape the busy city life, Bhrigu Lake trek will be the perfect choice.


Bhrigu Lake Trek in May


According to seasoned trekkers, Bhrigu Lake trekking should be planned between June and September. However, some people embark on the journey mid-May. During this period, you don’t find as much crowd, and the snow starts melting. However, the amount of snow on the trail depends on the snowfall in the preceding year.


Bhrigu Lake Trek in May


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Regardless of the season, it’s impossible to miss the beauty of nature, including snow-capped mountains, high-altitude meadows and forest cover. Each landscape offers something unique, and seems mesmerizing. Breathtaking views of the valley accompany you throughout the journey. If you’re looking to plan Bhrigu Lake trek in May, get in touch with our team of seasoned trekkers and guides. Please
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