Bhrigu Lake Trek in November

Bhrigu Lake Trek in November



Bhrigu Lake Trek in November

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At an altitude of 14,000 feet above sea level, Bhrigu Lake trek is one of the most popular and mesmerizing journeys near the Himalayas. On the trail, you catch glimpses of the perfect blend of adventure and beauty. Throughout the trek, you feel closer to nature, and the memories you build remain with you forever. If you’re planning Bhrigu Lake trek in November, it isn’t an ideal choice.


Several seasoned trekkers and backpackers combine this trek with other expeditions in the region. Manali, a popular hill station, is the hub of numerous treks near the majestic Himalayas. If you’re seeking an exciting adventure, you can even plan a longer vacation. Each trek offers something unique, and provides you with an amazing experience.


For centuries, the great Himalayas have been a shelter for alpine fauna and flora. On Bhrigu Lake trek, you come across several species of animals and plants, each allowing you to soak in the beauty of raw nature. Once you reach the summit, you can soak in stunning views of Chandrabhaga peak, Hanuman Tibba, Seven Sister peaks, Deo Tibba and more.


Located in the lush Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Bhrigu Lake trek takes you through scenic views of lush meadows, dense forest cover and huge mountains. Without a doubt, Bhrigu Lake trekking experience surpasses your imagination, and rejuvenates your mind and soul. However, if you want a wholesome experience, it’s important to choose the time of visit carefully.


Bhrigu Lake Trek in November


In the month of November, the trek remains closed. During this period, the temperature dips sharply. In fact, it may reach beyond minus 5-degree Celsius. Heavy snow covers the entire region. In case you’re planning a visit to Bhrigu Lake, you should consider a different month. The best period to visit Bhrigu Lake is from mid-May to mid-October.


Bhrigu Lake Trek in November


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Renok Adventures has years of experience in organising treks to Bhrigu Lake and other parts of the country. In case you were planning Bhrigu Lake trek in November, we advise you to get in touch with our team. We’d be able to inform you about the best period to plan your visit, while ensuring your safety. To get in touch with our team of seasoned trekkers and guides, please click here.


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