Hampta Pass in September


What’s the temperature in Hampta Pass during the season?
Posted by: Team /24760
Hampta Pass Temperature Hampta Pass is one of the most preferred trekking routes for adventure seekers visiting Manali. If you love the mountains and seek thrilling activities amidst scenic wonders, you shouldn’t miss a trip to Hampta Pass. The moderately high altitude makes this trek even more enticing. It’s suitable for even first-timers and amateur […]
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Nag Tibba Trek in One Day


Trekking Weekend Getaways from Delhi
Posted by: Jai Govind Meena /6830
Trekking Weekend Getaways from Delhi Trekking Weekend Getaways from Delhi are best way to relax over the weekend. Trekking Weekend Getaways from Delhi are best way to spend your weekend as they are much healthier, light on your pocket and great way to meet new people. Delhi being the closest metro to Himalayas so there […]
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Triund Trek Time


What’s the distance between Dharamshala and McLeodganj?
Posted by: Dinkar Kamat /4300
McLeodganj was once a British hill station, and it has for a long time been home to thousands of Tibetan refugees, who wanted to stand against Chinese oppression in their homeland. Tibetan influence is quite strong in McLeodganj, and it’s evident in the town’s schools, monasteries, nunneries, eateries and more. The distance between Dharamshala and […]
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Good School Trips


What is an educational tour?
Posted by: Dinkar Kamat /35050
What is an Educational Tour? What is an educational tour? If you’ve ever wondered about this, you’re not the only one. In an era of marketing fads and short-lived campaigns, is this another term coined by the digital marketing industry? The answer is, no. Educational tours have been around for a long time, and form […]
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What is Rock Climbing?
Posted by: jai /7590
I loved this graphic on Rock Climbing i found on the internet.
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Leh Ladakh Trip in July


Overview of Leh Ladakh trip in July
Posted by: Dinkar Kamat /7630
While some people don’t consider it to be the best time to visit Leh-Ladakh, most of tourist activities happen in July. According to seasoned trekkers, July is one of the best months to visit Leh-Ladakh. The entire region looks colourful with various shades colouring the landscapes, and attracting tourists from around the world. Though people […]
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Triund Trek in Monsoon


What Should You Know About Triund Trek in July?
Posted by: Team /9161
One of the most popular and easiest treks in the country, Triund hill is set at a height of 2,843 metres above sea level. It’s about 7 km from the main city center in McLeodganj, and takes approximately 4 hours to reach the top. If you’re on a 3 to 4 day trip in Dharamshala […]
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What is the height of stok kangri


What is the Height of Stok Kangri?
Posted by: Dinkar Kamat /3710
In recent years, the number of seasoned backpackers and trekkers visiting Stok Kangri has substantially increased. While planning a trip, you might wonder what is the height of Stok Kangri peak. With several rugged stretches, barren landscape and perennial snow, the trekking experience is unparalleled, and allows you to soak in mesmerizing views of Zanskar […]
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