Chadar Trek – Casualty Evacuation: The Siachen Pioneers carry out a successful rescue operation

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19th January 2018, 114 Helicopter Unit- The Siachen Pioneers who are based at Leh, carried out a heroic casualty evacuation mission in the remote areas of Zanskar valley in the Ladakh subdivision. The casualty was part of the “Chadar Trek” organized over the icy and frozen Zanskar River. Despite the short notice, the troop was mid-air within 40 minutes of receipt of the message. The operation being in an extremely isolated area, called for a two helicopter job; with the intention of one helicopter being available for support if the other one went down. The Aircrew faced a huge challenge in order to locate the site due to poor communication. The aircrew faced the unnerving job of searching for the casualty in the ice-cold mountains and fissures of the Zanskar Valley. When they traced the casualty the Captain – Wing Commander Khan understood that the landing would be a strenuous and risky task because of the terrain in the constricted valley on an unrehearsed surface.

HU 114 carrying out evacuation mission in Ladhak sector on 19 Jan 2018.


Resolute and in line with the motto of the unit-“We do the difficult as routine, the impossible only takes a little longer”, the aircrew showed extraordinary skillfulness in steering the aircraft in a tremendously constricted space and landed the helicopter on an unsteady and rocky ridge next to the Zanskar River next to the steep mountains. All this while, the helicopter #2 gave aerial support to helicopter #1. The casualty was efficaciously evacuated and taken to Leh- one more life saved by the IAF.


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