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Chatru – The Hampta Pass Trek Road head

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Chatru – The Hampta Pass Trek Road head

Chatru is a small village on the way to Kaza. It serves as a tea/refreshment stop for vehicles going to/ coming from Kaza side in Spiti valley. It’s also the place where people end the Hampta Pass trek.  Chatru Altitude is around 3560 m and it is a small village in Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India which is also a resting point for few treks in the valley.

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Chatru – The place of Bouldering

Stashed away disguised in the boundless expanses of the bumpy Himalayas, a miniature hamlet Chatru emerges like an oasis in between the high altitude and cold desert of Spiti in Himachal Pradesh. It lies further in Spiti valley which is about 85 km from Manali. Chatru has a population of about 120 and is at a height of 11,100ft.It is a stopover for people going to Kaza in Spiti Valley. This small village only has three dhabas and Chandra’s Dhaba is the place for climbers. The temperature would drop to about 2 – 3 degree Celsius in the night, but mornings were cool and bearable.

Bouldering in Chatru

The surrounding area of Chatru Village is full of boulders which offers perfect bouldering options. One can drive to Chatra with the climbing gear and spend a quality time bouldering and camping beside the Chandra River. If you want more options then Chota Dara and Bara Shigri Glaciers offers much variety in of boulders in terms of difficulty level.

Chatru Bouldering Paradise


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