Climbing the Mt. Kamet

Because of its position that is close to the Tibetan Plateau, Kamet stays remote and not as available as some Himalayan tops. It also gets a lot of wind from the Plateau. But with the right gear and advanced measures, climbing the Mt. Kamet can be easier. Earlier, travelers confronted long walks of around 200 m from Ranikhet through thick mountain woods; but people have much more access to the mountain.

While endeavors to climb Kamet started in 1855, the first rising was not made until 1931 by Frank Smythe, Eric Shipton, R.L. Holdsworth and Lewa Sherpa, individuals from a British campaign. Kamet was the first summit over to be climbed and was the most noteworthy summit came to until the first rising of Nanda Devi five years after the fact. (Then again, far higher non-summit heights had been come to on the north side of Mount Everest in the 1920s.)

The standard course starts from the East Kamet (or Purbi Kamet) Glacier, climbing by means of Meade’s Col (c. 7,100m/23,300 ft), the seat in the middle of Kamet and its northern exception Abi Gamin. From Meade’s Col, the course climbs the upper east edge of the north face. The rising to Meade’s col includes steep splits, a stone divider, and a few ice sheet climbs. Five camps are typically put in transit. The last rising to the summit includes steep snow, perhaps frigid.


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