Dhauladhar range


The Dhauladhar range of mountains in an east-west supervision embodiment a stout ridge of rock, granite and for all time snow-capped summits between Kangra and Chamba with elevations differing from 3000 – 5500 m. This very high ridge has more than dozen passes, each more arduous than the other, which travelers and local shepherds have crossed over centuries. This makes for an interesting proposal. To cross and cross this range of mountains at one continuous push and stitch up the entire range along its main axis of orientation . Dhauladhar is quite a peaceful and appealing place that is tracked down on the main outer Himalayan peak. You can enjoy the sight of the Kangra valley, which looks exceedingly alluring and holds spellbound the spectators. During peak season, tourists can enjoy the view of the flowers that fills the entire valley. Also there are beautiful temples, tea estates, and other things that are worth seeing here.

The locale of Dhauladhar has arresting views that make it the most liked landing spots amongst the tourists. The plumb landslide makes it quite fascinating and beautiful. This place is quite in demand amongst the trekkers and adventure lovers. Large numbers of Gaddi shepherds can be seen that usually flock here.

Some of the interesting places that are worth visiting here are Kangra,Palampur,   Chintpurni, Chamba, Joginder Nagar,Dharmshala, Dalhousie, and many others.