Festivals In Kullu

Kullu depicts its Himachali culture with a number of festivals. Dussehra, Phagli fair, and Vasantotsava are a few of celebrated festivals in Kullu.


Dussehra is one of many celebrated festivals in Kullu, that is celebrated across India to celebrate Lord Ram’s victory over the demon king Ravan. It is the most important festival here and is celebrated in the 3rd week of October every year. Kullu is popular on an international level for its spectacular celebrations of this festival. The Kullu Dussehra though is celebrated in its own unique way and has its own special flavor as such. It is held at the Maidan and is a congregation of nearly 600 deities from nearby villages. All the pilgrims are clad in colorful clothes, making the festival all the more vibrant and exciting. The prayers are followed by the festivities including traditional music, folk dances, and authentic food.


The traditional name for the festival of Vasantotasava is Pipal Jatra and it is also called by the Spring Festival.  It is celebrated between the 28th and 30th of April every year and marks the beginning of the Spring season in the valley. The festival is also very significant from the business point of view and is recognized as a state festival by the Himachal Pradesh government. During the nights, cultural programs are organized at Kala Kendra, which is a large open-air theater and artists and groups come from across Indian to perform at the festival.


The fair is held in the month of Phagun which falls between the months of February and March. Since it’s celebrated in the month of Phagun, it derives its name Phagli. The fair is conducted to depict the struggle of power between the God and Demon, in which ultimately the God emerges victorious.
This fair is also conducted to honor the killing of the Demon by God. A person tied up with strings and wearing a mask plays the role of a Demon and another plays the role of God and depicts the killing of the Demon, to proclaim the supremacy of God. Many special dances such a ’Deo Khel’ and ’Raksh Khel’ are performed by the locals in sync with the drum beats.

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