Festivals of Ladakh

 Hemis Festival:

It is celebrated to commemorate birth of Guru Padmasambhava, the founder

of Tantric Buddhism in Tibet. In this festival, the Lamas perform a sacred

dance known as Chaam wearing facial masks and colorful brocades robes.

The festival is celebrated on the 10 th day of the Tibetan lunar month.


 Gustor Festival:

This festival takes place at Thiksey, Deskit and Karsha in different months of

the year. The festival is celebrated to mark the victory over evils. The dancers

at the festival wear masks to represent the Guardians, Protectors, the Gods

and Goddesses. It ends with the symbolic assassination of evils and burning

the effigy representing evil spirits.


 Ladakh Festival:

This festival is celebrated every year in September in Leh and its villages. The

festival ceremony is inaugurated on large scale with a procession of several

cultural troupes. People wear traditional Ladakhi clothes, dance and sing on

traditional music. The celebrations continue for 6 days in various villages

with musical concerts, activities ranging from archery, polo and masked

dances from the monasteries.

festival - ladakh

 Sindhu Darshan (Visit the Indus) Festival:

This 3 day festival takes place in June on the bank of Indus river. This festival

is the celebration of unity as well as communal harmony along with national

integration. The festival is also a symbolic salute to brave soldiers of India.

Local artists from various parts of the country perform traditional dances

with participation from local people, tourists.

 Yuru Kabgyat Festival:

This two-day festival takes place in the month of July in the Lamayuru

monastery. The festival is celebrated with monks performing dances, prayers

and rituals to do away any disaster and for world peace. It is dedicated to

Yuru Kabgyat and his mythical connection.

 Losar Festival:

The Losar festival is the most important festival of Ladakh and marks the

beginning of the New Year in Ladakh/Tibet. This festival is celebrated two

months ahead of the Tibetan Calendar. The festival is celebrated almost for

15 days with main celebrations on the first 3 days.


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