Geography Of Yuksom

Yuksom has a total area of 812.16 hectares (2,006.9 acres) and is situated at an average altitude of 1,780 meters (5,840 ft). It lies in a basin-like valley surrounded by mountain ranges. With its location at the head of the Khanchendzonga National Park, it is the gateway to Mt. Khanchendzonga.  Mt. Khangchendzonga lies in the north-western side of Sikkim bordering Nepal. It dominates the land with its awe-inspiring beauty. It is majestic and has a splendid height of 28,208 feet, making it the 3rd highest mountain in the world. A popular mountaineering  trek starts from Yuksom, which is well connected by a road network with Geyzing and Gangtok.

The natural environmental setting of the town, amidst rich forests is further highlighted by its history, architecture and Buddhist legacy that evolved from the 17th century with Yuksom’s establishment as the first capital of Sikkim.

The Khanchenjunga National Park, is the largest protected area in Sikkim, and is starting point for the trekking trail to Mt. Khanchendzonga. Yuksom and its hills were named in the past as Ney-Pemathang for its beautiful landscape. The forest cover in the hills consist of broad-leaved oak, birch, maple, chestnut, magnolia, rhododendron, silver fir, ash and alder, which compliment the title of “biodiversity hot-spot” given to Sikkim.

Besides being a bio-diversity hotspot, Yuksom is also the land of monasteries. Dubdi, the oldest monastery of Sikkim is located on top of Eastern banks of Rathong chu near Yuksom.