10 Reason to do Hampta Pass and Chandratal Trek

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10 Reason to do Hampta Pass and Chandratal Trek

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10 Reason Why Hampta Pass and Chandratal Trek is must do Trek for Beginners

A Short Hampta Pass Video by Renok Adventures which shows what experiences you can expect during this trek a stunning crossover from Kullu Valley to Spiti Valley via Hampta Pass 

1. Connectivity

The Hampta Pass and Chandratal Trek base location is Manali which is well connected with Delhi with Volvo buses and Jobri which is trek starting is just an hour drive from Prini & Manali. The best way to reach Manali is by taking an overnight Himachal Pradesh Tourism Volvo Bus. The other way reach Manali by flight to Bhuntar and then around One Drive from Bhuntar Airport to Manali. Nearest Railway station to Manali is Chandigarh you can travel by flight, bus, train or Taxi.

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Himachal Pradesh Trekking Landscape

2. Varied Landscape

It’s beautiful in short duration of 5 days Hampta pass and Chandratal Lake you get to see such a variety of Landscape which no other trek in Himalayas offers. You start you Himachal Pradesh trekking by driving from Renok Manali Trekking Camp at Prini to Jobri and then on Day 1 trek through thick forest, Day 2 Cross Rivers, Day 3 barren landscape of Lahaul Spiti …may be this is only trek which gives such variety in landscape.

3. Short & Sweet 

As mentioned above hampta pass and chandratal trek is just 4 days trek or 5 day if you include beautiful Chandratal – The glacial lake. So in such a short duration you complete this trek and after the trek you can chill in Old Manali for a day or 2. Old Manali offers variety of Old Manali Cafes and Old Manali Guest House where you can relax after the trek. No other trek offers such a variety in short period of 5 days.

4. Easy to Moderate Grade

Hampta Pass and Chandratal Trek is the best trek if you are thinking of your first trek in Himalayas. Hampta Pass Difficulty level is of moderate grade but you are physical fit you will find it of easy difficulty level. Except third day the entire trek is through gradual slop so it’s a best for beginners who want to have their first trek in the Himalayas as well for experienced trekkers who want to savor the variety of Landscape of Kullu and Spiti Valley.

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5. It’s Famous

Now Hampta Pass is one of the most famous trek in India as well among the foreign trekkers who come to India to experience the thrill of trekking in Indian Himalayas. Here is the Picture of Hampta Pass taken by Samuel Bourne in 1866

Hampta Pass and Chandratal Trek

6. Gorgeous Waterfall:

Cascade of water falling through the sky is the earth’s most captivating natural wonders and just imagine you are going beneath it. The sight of gorgeous Water along the hampta pass trekking route is mesmerizing. On day 2 Chika Beautiful Campsite with a gorgeous view of the mighty Waterfall.

Here is the video of Waterfall Crossing during Hampta Pass Trek.

7. River Crossing at Jawara:

Sheer thrill of River crossing in Icy cold water will give you goosebumps. There are total 2 prominent river crossing during the entire Hampta Pass trek but there may be more in case weather goes bad. The first river crossing is between Cheeka and Balu Ka Gera and the next river crossing just after Sia Goru Camp.

hampta pass and chandratal trek

8. View of Indrasan:

The view of Mt. Indrasan from Balu ka Gera is simply awe inspiring and view of Mt. Indrasan form Hampta Pass Summit is simply awesome. The glacier of Mt. Indrasan is huge and comes till Hampta Pass. Mount Indrasan is at an altitude of 6221 m above sea level in Lahaul and Spiti district, Himachal Pradesh.

Mount Indrasan Peak

9. The Hampta Pass:

Reaching Summit of Hampta Pass is a exhilarating experience and after uphill climb to summit you overcome your fears not only of trek for of your life as well. On a clear day the strikingly different landscapes on two sides of Hampta pass of lush green on Kullu valley and barren on Spiti valley is something you’ll never forget

10. The Chandratal Lake:

Once you reach Chhatru and driving on Chhatru to Chandratal Road will be the most memorable road trip you have ever taken in your life. Big boulders, water flowing over the road and narrow road are the striking feature of this road trip from Chhatru to Chandratal Lake. If you are crossing Hampta Pass then you might as well take a ride to the magnificent Chandratal Lake (the Moon Lake) which appears to have different colors from different vantage points

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