Hampta Pass Images

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Hampta Pass Images

Hampta Pass images below shows you how beautiful this trek is. Hampta Pass starts from Kullu valley and ends in Spiti Valley and you visit the beautiful Chandratal Lake in Spiti Valley. Here is the brief description and Hampta Pass Images of what all you will see during this trek.  it is evident from the Hampta Pass Images.

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Day 1 : Hampta Pass Images

You drive from Manali to Jobri and then Trek from Jobri to Chika crossing small iron bridge and through thick forest which opens up to the Chika Campsite along the river.

Hampta Pass images

This hampta pass picture below is of the Chika Campsite which is the first camp of Hamta Pass Trek.

hampta pass images

Day 3 : Hampta Pass Images

Balu Ka Gera camp is spread on the vast area full of Balu “Sand” and that is the reason it is called Balu ka Gera. Small water streams cuts through the campsite at various places makes it one of the most beautiful campsite.

hampta pass images

After crossing Jwara Nalah you trek through these lush green bushes

hampta pass images

Below Hampta Pass Images shows the  Balu Ka Gera camp and various water streams cuts through make this campsite the most beautiful campsite of Hampta Pass Trek

hampta pass images

Day 4: Hampta Pass Images

Shia Goru camp lies in the Spiti Valley which is a rain shadow area so you get clear views of Chadra Bhaga Ranges

hampta pass images

Sheep herd are the common sight during the trek and provides the much needed subject to the enthusiast photographers.

hampta pass images

Shia Goru Campsite

From Chatru we drive to Chandratal Lake beside Chandra River and CB Ranges and also the magnificent Bada Sigri Glacier. Once we reach chandratal lake we need to trek for around 2 kms and here is the first glimpse of Chandrataal Lake

hampta pass images

Emerald Color Water of Chandrataal Lake

hampta pass images


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