Hampta Pass in August

Hampta Pass in August



Hampta Pass in August

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Is Hampta Pass safe in August?

Hampta Pass starts from July and ends somewhere in mid-October. Many trekkers who want to enjoy to snow trekking, crossing snow bridges and avoid monsoon rain prefer to do Hampta Pass in June. Hampta Pass in June looks stunning in June. Valleys full of snow, glaciers, snow bridges and treacherous trekking trail. As soon as the monsoon season begins in July snow starts to melt at faster pace which change the entire landscape lush greenery, alpine flowers and trekking trail full of boulders and moraine.

Hampta Pass in August or July (Monsoon Season) has a unique side to it and you hardly get to see it during the summer months. As you trek Hampta Pass in August towards your first campsite you will lush green grass fields full of alpine flowers and on next day towards gushing Jwara Nala. Jwara Nala is the biggest hurdle if it’s raining continuously then you might have to wait or return back.

Hampta Pass in August

Precautions when going for Hampta Pass in August

August is the full monsoon month so expect good rainfall for first three days so prepare accordingly. First of all pack as per the essentials list and secure them by packing in polybags and then keeping them in your rucksack. You must carry umbrella or poncho depending upon your choice. Once you cross Hampta Pass then you enter into rain shadow area of Spiti Valley.

Road to Chandratal in August

Chatru to Chandratal distance is around 42 kms but water streams and road conditions make it a most adventurous part of Hampta Pass. There are few water stream or “Pagal Nalas” flow over the road makes it difficult to cross if the water level it too high.

So overall Hampta Pass in August is the best month to enjoy if you are game for little more adventure.

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