Why Hampta pass in January not possible?

Hampta Pass in January Manali trekking camp and snow point manali



Why Hampta pass in January not possible?

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Hampta pass in January

If you’re an adventure seeker and you love mountains and trekking in the Himalayas, then attempting Hampta Pass trek can turn out to be a perfect week for you to experience the beauty of nature from up close. The best thing about Hampta Pass trek is its moderate level of difficulty and not so high altitude that makes it ideal for amateur mountaineers and inexperienced trekkers. As the maximum altitude to be scaled is around 14000 feet, no pre-requisite preparation is compulsory and altitude sickness is not much of a concern. This trek will give you tons of knowledge in treks and will bring you a step closer to attempting harder treks in the Himalayan Region.

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Hampta Pass in January

Mid-June to Mid-October is the finest time to trek to Hampta Pass. Several trekkers opt to trek Hampta Pass because of heavy snowfall even in the month of June in the Hampta Pass but the same wonderland changes into a dangerous valley that not many people take the risk of trekking in the month of January due to the high risk and danger.

Hampta Pass in January is Closed due to Snow 

Hampta Pass in January is not a recommended time to do this trek as Hampta Pass in January will experience deep snow. The valley gets covered in snow making the trail even narrower and making the ascent sharper. This adventurous trek can be a risky business in winter months due to drop in temperature. The temperature during the month of January can vary from 5°C to 22°C with chilly days and even colder nights. Crossing over the Hampta pass gets to be nearly impossible due to slippery snow and harsh unpredictable weather. The roads from across the pass get closed due to heavy snowstorms and cloudy skies. Hampta Pass in January is not a good idea and not possible to even attempt. The best time to do the Hampta Pass trek is definitely mid-June and post-monsoon.

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