How is Hampta Pass in September?

Hampta Pass in September



How is Hampta Pass in September?

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Hampta Pass in September

Hampta Pass Trek in September is the best time to go to see the lush green cover after monsoon rain and clear skies. Hampta Pass is not difficult but can be tiresome. With shifting weather pattern and loose residual ridge hike, one has to have some experience. The massive peaks surrounding the Hampta Pass looks frightening. A couple of unknown mountains around it give an impression of a dry cold desert. As one reaches the pass, one can marvel the magnificence of the place.

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Unlike the majority of trekkers that prefer snow patches and ice in a narrow valley of the Hampta pass, many prefer to attempt this trek post monsoon. The valley that appears to be a completely spectacular alpine snow glacier in the month of June changes into a green  and flat field in September. The sharp peaks across the river have a strange pattern that attracts immediate attention. Hampta Pass in September or post monsoons offers an exceptional impression about the trek which one barely gets to see in the summer months. You will witness less greenery and rare beauty of the barren fields of cold Himalayas, comparative to monsoons. Conformist and experienced trekkers will feel at home.

Hampta pass in September

While you camp at Balu Ka Ghera, you will witness the beautiful view of Hampta pass in September. There is nothing better than the solitude that Rani Ka nalla offers which is found to be lacking any snow bridges that make the trek more difficult. You get to observe a remarkable range of streams, seeping down the glacial sink. The whole scenery of the area takes a complete twist as you reach the barren Spiti valley as you leave Kullu valley behind.  There is an abundance of beauty in this valley which takes a lot of time to be absorbed by anyone. Even though the valley is snowless, there is so much more to see like an unhindered view of majestic Indrasen peak and its glacier basin.

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