What is the Hampta Pass trek cost?

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What is the Hampta Pass trek cost?

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What is the Hampta Pass trek cost?

Hampta Pass Trek links two beautiful valleys of Spiti and Kullu, the Hampta Pass trek is one the most popular treks among trekking fanatics. The Hampta Pass Trek cost can vary from INR 8000 to INR 15000 depending on various factors. The cost depends on the route you’re taking and your necessities like guides, food, and luxury. The cost highly depends upon the service provider as well and the time you’re choosing for the trek. It also depends on what time in June you are trekking and when the monsoon season starts, how the conditions will be like.

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Hampta Pass Trek Cost

Hampta Pass Trek Cost depends of various factors listed below 


No of Days : The number of days: Quite clearly the cost will depend on the number of days you take to complete the trek.

Cost for trekking gear: The cost of equipment depends on how much you spend on renting or buying yourself or if you already own it. The basic gear you require is a sleeping bag, trekking boots and poles and a waterproof jacket with a backpack.

Group Size: The cost is a lot less if your group is bigger as the costs of the trek guide can be shared, making the total cost a lot cheaper, and some trekking companies give discounts for larger groups.

Hampta Pass Permit Fee: Tourist visas and trek permits are easily obtainable in case you are not from India and this can be done before leaving your own country. A trekking permit is a big requirement if you want to trek in any part of the Himalaya and each trekking destination needs an individual permit. Every permit entails specific details for the route and area

Cost for camps and dining: The cost food depends on the quality and the company itself, normally not by much. The cost of your hotel or lodge depends on your preference.

Transport Cost: This is biggest head as the Taxi Cost for Hampta is very high. Taxi Cost from Manali to Chatru with 2 day return is around Rs 10,000 and Rs Taxi Cost from Manali to Jobri is Rs 2500

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