Hampta Pass Trek Difficulty Level

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Hampta Pass Trek Difficulty Level

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Hampta Pass Trek Difficulty Level

The highlight of any trek that involves crossing over a pass into the Lahaul & Spiti valley is the amazing divergence in the landscape and Hampta Pass Trek provides that contrast in the landscape. The Hampta Pass trek starts from thick forests to an open lush green valley covered with green grass. The tree line stops when one crosses to Hampta Pass and enters the barren landscape of Lahaul & Spiti.

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Hampta Pass Trek Difficulty Level

Hampta Pass Trek – Every Trekkers Delight

This trek is for everyone including first-timers and seasoned trekkers. The pass itself is very alluring and has fewer challenges in comparison to other treks but the trek is no piece of cake. The Hampta Pass difficulty level is mostly independent and are merely referential because even the most challenging trek in other low altitude regions does not have a close comparison with any of the easier treks in the Himalayan region.

The major reason for this is the altitude and atmospheric pressure that changes with higher sea level and mountainous rough terrain.  Hampta Pass Trek difficulty level is thought of as one of the easier Himalayan treks with a difficulty level of easy to moderate. However, the difficulty level of the trek is subjective and dependent on the weather conditions. In the winter season, the trek is moderately difficult to trek due to snow but it becomes easier to walk on as the snow melts in summers.

But this is not the only difficult part of the trek as one is required to cross the sensibly high Hampta pass at a height of 4400m, cross a few rivers, set camps in the wilderness and walk lengthy trails. The trek to the Hampta pass has unparalleled diversity and enthusiasm right from the start of the trail in order to make up for any fatigue that can possibly take root.

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