Trekking in Himachal – Hampta Pass

Hampta Pass Trek – The best beginners Trekking in Himachal

Hampta Pass concentrates in the valleys of Kullu and Spiti connecting the both of them.  Every single year this place has enormous trekking in Himachal fanatics passing end to end in this route to adore the beauty of the mighty Himalayas with captivating views on their way. This trek lays the starts from Manali, so it is easy to reach the base camp unlike other treks.

From beautiful meadows, unilluminated forests, glacial valleys and crystal clear views of Himalayan peaks, Hampta Pass has in abundance, the beauty of nature residing in itself. Hence it is applauded by trekkers. The spellbinding landscape that keeps on changing after a few kilometers, is enjoyed with abundance of flora and fauna, which encompasses rare Himalayan birds and huge pine trees.

Chandratal Lake Trekking in Himachal
Chandratal Lake

Local shepherds use this high altitude pass to take their castles, herds for grazing in Lahaul Spiti Valley where special grass known as “Neeru” grows considered a very good source of nutrients for sheep and goats. Hampta Pass got its name from the village Hampta (Hamta) lies in Kullu valley.

Since this Trekking in Himachal Region, remaining open for a period of nearly five months to be specific from June to Mid October. The trek calls on for a must monsoon visit during the focus months of July, August and September.

Starting from June the Hampta pass trek in June could give one a winter vibe crossing all the snow covered regions, as we talk about the succeeding months, the snow gets cleared and the trail opens to a good extent. One can even visit Chandratal lake in that time.

The trek is considered an easy one, on the basis of both time and hardship. And this is what makes it the most recommended trek routes for beginners in the Trekking in Himachal circuit.

Hampta Pass Best Time 

Best time to go for trekking in Himachal is from May to October, Treks in June will be entirely covered with snow. Best months for Hampta Pass Trek are from mid-June to mid-October. In the early days of the season there’s a lot of snow on the high passes which takes the edge off a great deal by August. As the season receipts rain is experienced in Kullu Manali valley but sunny days on the other side of the Spiti Valley. Days are by and large going to be sunny and warm (12-20°C) whilst the night temperature at the highest campsite would be in the span of -2 to 6°C. In the latter part of the season (Sep – mid-Oct) there is very little snow on the succession and good weather throughout but with possibility of snowfall. The days are sunny with temperatures levitating around (12-18°C) the evenings start getting cold with the onset of October and nights are comparatively colder (- 6 to 4°C).