Health and safety precautions for ladakh

It’s normal to get altitude illness, but it’s not normal to lose one’s life from altitude sickness. The possibility of dying from altitude sickness is thus higher in this region.


Familiar amid trekkers. Repeatedly a headache comes during the evening and in the course worsens during the night. Lifting up your head and shoulders while trying to sleep are fragmentary relief. If it is bad try taking a painkiller:Paracetamol, acetaminophen (Tylenol).  aspirin (dispirin), Ibuprofen (Aduil) or Do not take sleeping tablets. Headaches springs up from many grounds, for instance, dehydration, but if you develop a headache assume it is from the altitude.

Nausea (feeling sick)

Could take place without other indications, but frequently nausea will thrive with a bad headache. If you are fine in the morning take a day off, or you will be nauseating.

Dizziness (mild)

If this comes about while walking, stop out in the sun and have a rest and drink. Pause at the adjacent tea house.

Painful cough or a dry raspy cough.

Serious Symptoms:

 Diligent,acute headache.

 Persistent vomiting

 Ataxia – loss of coordination, cannot walk in a straight line, looks drunk

 Losing consciousness – cannot stay awake or understand things very well

 Liquid sounds in the lungs

 Very persistent cough

 Real difficulty breathing

 Rapid breathing or feeling breathless at rest

 Coughing blood or pink goo or lots of clear fluid

 Marked blueness of face and lips

 High resting heart beat – over 120 beats per minute

 Severe lethargy and drowsiness

 Mild symptoms rapidly getting worse


Take as long away down as viable, even if it is at night. (In the Everest region: if you are above Pheriche, go down to the HRA post there. From Thorung Phedi or nearby: take to the Manang HRA post.) The patient must be held up by a number of people or moved by a porter else his/her state may get averse before getting better. Later the patient must rest and see a doctor as if they are suffering with severe symptoms may not be able to think for themselves and may say they feel OK but they are not.

Food Poisoning

This comes on instantly and critically, generally from both ends -diarrhea and vomiting. It occurs over 4 to 8 hours after eating the adulterated food. Fortunately it lasts less than 24 hours and healing is quick, even though you may feel sluggish. There are no medicines that can cure – the body just has to dump all the corrupt food and rid itself of the adulteration. Rest, and once the first relentless bout or two is over, drink plenty of fluids. Oral re-hydration solutions are helpful.


While curtailing the hiking down in the valleys it is hot and you will sweat a lot so it is essential to restore the fluids you give up. At altitude the trouble is worse as you are still sweating and the air is dry and thin meaning you must inhale a lot harder. With every breath you breathe out water vapour. It is then very essential to drink a lot of water. Dehydration will make you feel tired and lethargic and can give you a headache. The symptoms are identical to AMS so the best way is to avert confusion and always keep oneself hydrated.


Since you spend most of your time walking, blisters are really worth avoiding. First use boots that have been worn in if possible. Test your boots by carrying a pack up and down hills – along level ground there is far less stress on your feet.

Local emergency details

1. STD Code of Leh– 01982

2. Tourist information office- 252297,252094,253462

3. Deputy Commissioner Leh-252010

4. Foreign registration officer-252200

5. Chief medical officer Leh-252012

6. Police station Leh-100

7. Airport-250380

8. Taxi stand-252723

9. Petrol pump-252100

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