Here’s a Triund trek blog with all the details you need

Triund Trek in Spring best treks in india



Here’s a Triund trek blog with all the details you need

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Triund is not only a popular trekking destination, but also one of the most scenic in Himachal Pradesh. Every year, hundreds of trekkers visit this route from around the world. Its proximity to McLeodganj (9 km) makes it even more enticing to the amateur adventure and trekking enthusiast. Since it’s an easy trek, it does not require you to have great physical fitness. However, it’s still important to know some details about the trek. In this Triund trek blog, we try to tell you everything about this trekking destination.


Triund Trek Blog – What You Should Know


Triund Trek Blog


The total distance between the top of Triund and McLeodganj is approximately 9 km. It takes about 4 hours to reach the top, and hence, you can even come back on the same day. However, most trekkers prefer to stay overnight under the star-lit night sky. Due to this, it makes sense to book a package online. You can choose from many different trekking packages. The average Triund trek cost is about INR 2,000 – INR 5,000.


A trekking package from a reputed tour operator includes meals, accommodation, permits, guide, fees etc. Thus, you don’t have to worry about anything during your trip. In addition to this, most tour operators make sure that you’re accompanied by a professional guide or experienced trekker. This not only ensures your safety, but also allows you to have a good time on the trek.


If you don’t want to start the trek from McLeodganj, you can take a taxi to either Gallu Devi Temple or Dharamkot. The distance to Triund from either of these places is about 6.5 km. On the way back, it’s recommended to take a stopover in Shiva Cafe, a small beautiful cafe located right at the top of Bhagsu Waterfall. To book a Triund trekking package or checkout another Triund trek blog, click here.


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