Tips For High Altitude Trekking

how to prepare for trekking in himalayas



Tips For High Altitude Trekking

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Tips For High Altitude Trekking

  • Drink a lot of water:

This is the most important Tips For High Altitude Trekking best way to combat altitude sickness during high altitude trekking is to consume a lot of fluids(the right kind!!). At altitude due to the dry air your body loses more water then in similar conditions in the plains. So always keep a bottle by your side and drink water after regular intervals during your trek.

  • Take Deep Breaths:

This seems counter intuitive. However,  your body absorbs more oxygen when we take long breaths compared to when breathing fast. So during high altitude trekking try taking rhythmic deep breaths especially when going uphill.

  • Slow Down:

Try observing village women in mountainous areas climbing a steep path. They stroll slowly. Try doing the same.You will realise that it’s better to go at a pace you can maintain for a really long time than to have to stop constantly to catch your breath.

  • Small Step Going Uphill 

The steeper the incline, the smaller the steps. This tip reduces the effort needed to climb.

Tips For High Altitude Trekking


  • Keep Your Head Covered:

During high altitude trekking it is essential to keep your forehead covered with a bandana,cap etc. to protect yourself from chilly winds.  Leave your head uncovered and chances are you’ll end up with a really bad headache.

  • Climb High Sleep Low:

Tips For High Altitude Trekking: As a general rule of thumb whenever possible try to climb to a higher altitude by day and sleep at a lower altitude by night. This always helps you acclimatise during a high altitude trek. A fantastic High Altitude trek we recommend for beginners is the Kuari Pass Trek which gives takes you into the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve  read here for the 10 BEST SUMMER TREKS IN INDIA FOR BEGINNERS



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    Dr Sadhwani Gokulnath
    November 26, 2014

    2-3kms jogging in 40 min is enough with short breaks? 10km in 2 hrs non stop is quite comfortable for me. Should I increase ?

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      November 26, 2014

      Just do it on daily basis 2-3kms jogging in 40 min but on daily basis is much more helpful during your trek in Himalayas

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    Senthil Kumar
    May 25, 2014

    How tough is the valley of flowers trek? Are there any medical conditions that are not allowed? Any age limits? Regards


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      Team Renok
      May 25, 2014

      Hey Senthil…The Valley Of Flowers trek is a comparatively easy high altitude trek. A person with average fitness can complete the trek. There is no age limit as such and a lot of senior citizens also come on this trek.

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