How do the best Sandakphu trek organizers work?

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How do the best Sandakphu trek organizers work?

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A trekking experience is different from other kinds of travel plans. It not only tests your stamina and endurance, but also provides you with a feeling of bonding over long walks, camping adventures and thrilling activities. While a trek seems delightful and engaging from the front, you never know what goes on behind the scenes. Some of the best Sandakphu trek organizers go out of their way to manage every aspect of the trip to ensure your safety, and allow you to have a great time. We thought we’d give you a glimpse of their world.


Best Sandakphu Trek Organizers Define a Trail


Before taking a group for the trek, a Sandakphu trek guide and seasoned trekkers visit the location for a recce. The entire route is investigated to find adequate water sources, resting points, camping site, network availability, emergency exits, medical help modes, forest permits etc. After carefully considering these factors, a trail is defined and further steps are taken to organize the trek. Even local helpers, mules, guides, yaks, horses and mules are decided during the recce.


Getting Appropriate Materials


Once above mentioned factors are considered and defined, the team gets a rough idea about actual preparation. In order to ensure a good trekking experience, every little detail is considered. After making certain calculations, an adequate amount of grocery is sent to the base camp. In addition to grocery, other materials, such as utensils, cylinders and gas are also transported. This allows the tour operator to serve delicious food.


Another major share of luggage includes trekking gear and equipment, including sleeping bags, tents, emergency tools etc. The best Sandakphu trek organizers check these equipment for any faults before and after the trek. In case any concerns are noticed, the equipment is immediately sent for repairs.


Best Sandakphu Trek Organizers


Getting Trekkers Onboard


Once these things have been planned, it’s time to get trekkers onboard. On an average, a Sandakphu trek guide works for more than 12 hours at a stretch. Sometimes, trekkers arrive early in the morning, or too late at night. Transport arrangements need to be made, luggage has to be stored, and everything needs to be communicated to the trekkers. It’s a tedious and tiring job. But the happy faces after a trek keep the guides and support staff going.


On the Journey


Regardless of the team’s experience and background, things often don’t go as expected in the mountains. During a trek, you encounter the unknown. You may spill water in a sugar or salt pack, run out of kitchen utensils, spill kerosene, witness a cloud outburst, break tents etc. A trek tests the entire team.


Even with all the technological advancements in the world, it’s not possible to predict actual weather conditions in the mountains. Hence, you need to prepare yourself against weather and terrain. During Sandakphu trekking, your team’s responsiveness and proactiveness can prove to be crucial.


Your Sandakphu trek guide needs to be aware of the surroundings all the time. In simpler terms, trek leaders are considered to be the heroes of the trek. It’s their job to maintain coordination and cooperation. While they need to act innocent at times, it’s also important to tackle issues smartly and confidently. They keep shuffling between a caring and a strict attitude, both out of concern for the trekkers.


Helpers and cooking staff don’t get much sleep. They need to work throughout the day. It can take a lot of time to prepare dishes. However, they always make sure you receive a meal on time. At times, they need to wake up at 4 AM to cook your morning breakfast. They even pack the campsite, and leave after all trekkers have departed. Needless to say, at the next stop, they need to arrive before the trekkers to make arrangements and serve refreshments.


The base camp manager is always available for immediate assistance. Trekkers may need help with trekking gear, equipment and groceries. There may even be emergency situations. It’s a difficult job to manage everything and everyone. At times, there’s no network availability, and the base camp manager needs to be innovative to reach out to people.


Sandakphu Trek Best Time


When weather gets harsh, the base camp manager needs to ensure everyone’s safety. He or she is the one incharge of emergency evacuation procedures and high quality safety gear. Things can go wrong quickly, and the entire team needs to be careful at all times, while trekkers have the time of their lives.


Leaving for Home


After a summit attempt, the best Sandakphu trek organizers follow a tradition. This may be anything, from eating a traditional dish to sitting around a bonfire. While preparing food and taking care of usual chores, the team needs to keep up the spirits. When trekkers are enjoying and thinking about the journey back home, the team is packing things up and preparing for the next trek. Trek leaders also try to come up with souvenirs to give you more memories.


After packing up everything, it’s also important to clean and clear the campsite. Sometimes, the team spends hours collecting waste. Accumulated waste also needs to be secured properly, to be disposed of at a nearby village or the base camp. It’s important to help the team with such tasks, primarily the ones focusing on preserving and protecting the environment.


Receiving Reviews from Trekkers


Reviews from customers allow trek organizers to evaluate their performance. Feedback is very important, and every tour operator honours bad and good comments. Sometimes, the team even needs to tackle bad feedback, especially when trekkers are sent back due to bad weather or health. It’s an unnecessary debate of money vs life.


Ready for the Next Trek


Despite all the challenges and hardships, the best Sandakphu trek organizers await the next journey. A new batch of trekkers bring new energy and enthusiasm. Every trek finishes on a positive note, and gives hope for a better one next time. If you’re looking for a Sandakphu trekking package, you’ve come to the right place. Our seasoned trekkers and support staff will be happy to plan everything for you. To get in touch, please click here.


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