How good is Triund view once you reach the top?

Triund Trek in Monsoon



How good is Triund view once you reach the top?

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If you’re a nature lover, every Triund view will seem breathtaking, and your psyche will imprint the beauty in your mind forever. Apart from the snowy peaks of the Dhauladhar, you can be assured of scenic views of the entire Kangra Valley and thick rhododendron forests. A visit to Triund brings you closer to nature, and helps you form an eternal bond with the serene beauty of the mountains.


Triund Know More


As compared to other treks around McLeodganj, Triund is one of the easiest and most beautiful. In fact, it’s extremely popular among amateur and first-time trekkers. The total distance of the trek is 9 km, if you start it from McLeodganj’s Main Square.


The trail takes you through thick forest areas, where you also encounter exquisite alpine flora and fauna. Everything’s even more beautiful if you visit during snowfall in Triund. There’s also a Forest Department Rest House, which can be booked from the Forest Department’s Office in Dharamshala.


Triund View


Every Triund view offers something different, and gives you a chance to be in touch with nature and yourself. Nothing said or written anywhere can do justice to Triund’s beauty. This trekking route should be right at the top of your bucket list.


To start the trek, you can even take a taxi to Dharamkot or Galu Devi Temple. From both these places, the remaining trek is approximately 6.5 km. This makes the distance even shorter, and allows you to come back to McLeodganj on the same day.


If you’re planning a trip to Triund, you should get a better idea about weather, necessary precautions, terrain etc. To checkout a Triund trekking package or get more information about this scenic trekking destination, get in touch with our experts. Just click here.


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