Trekking Shoes – A Guide

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Trekking Shoes – A Guide

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Trekking Shoes: What to look For in a Good Shoes For Himalayan Trek.

Before we begin lets understand what is Trekking?

The word Trek originated in South Africa, where the word was used by the Boers for a journey by ox wagon. The British, who seized control of South Africa from the Boers at the turn of the 20th century, seized the word trek. The Dictionary meaning of word is to make a slow or arduous journey or to journey on foot, especially to hike through mountainous areas.

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So now you have an idea that during any trek you will be walking through loose rocks, uneven trails, woods, jungle, water, snow etc. The best shoes are the ones which while providing comfort protect your feet from the elements and have good grip on all terrains.

Things to look for your Best Trekking Shoes

    • Weight: This is the most important factor to find your best trekking shoes for trekking in Himalayas. First the shoes should be light weight due to the fact that every gram counts when trekking at high altitude and second the they should be strong enough to withstand with rough terrain of Himalayas.
    • Grooves: When trekking in Himalayas you will be Trekking on uneven terrain which consists of rocks, snow, water and to walk comfortably we need a grip which deep grooves in the best trekking shoes will provide. Check the grooves your shoes have, they should be hard and deep enough to give you the required grip during treks in the Himalayas, but not too hard that the sole become inflexible. Vibram an Italian manufacturer makes some of the best soles.
    • Ankle Support: All trekking shoes have good ankle support because on uneven terrain and loose rocks one can slip and twist an ankle. Ankle support also helps stop snow and pebbles from getting inside.
    • Waterproof/Water Resistant: This is the quality one must look in good or hiking boots. When you trek in the Himalayas almost all the treks in require you to cross water streams. GoreTex is the best material for this without increasing the weight of the  trekking shoe dramatically.
    • Comfort: Inside padding should be good enough to give you the required comfort during the trek as we know that a trek is an arduous journey through mountainous region.

The Best Hiking Boots shoes which we highly recommend to our trekkers are Quechua FORCLAZ 500. But a cheap alternative which are surprisingly quite good are Action Trekking Shoes.

Written by: Team Renok

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    Arpana hegde
    February 26, 2018

    Are Colombia omni grip waterproof shoes good enough?

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      Rohan Jain
      March 22, 2018

      Hey Aparna…Yes they are good enough

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    Avijit Santikari
    February 25, 2017

    please let me know if the Lytos Eiger waterproof trekking shoe with Vibram sole would be suitable for around 4500-5000 mtr himalayan treks


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