How to get to Leh ?

Ways for how to get to Leh :

By Air

All year round, even in winters flights to Leh are open for booking. The Leh Airport is a military airport so the security checks are a little more acrimonious than customary. Please carry a printout of your e-ticket before getting into the airport, if you by any means fail to bring the printout your entry can be denied. From the airport, taxis are regularly accessible to take you to your destination.

By Bus

From Jammu and Kashmir or from Manali, if you’re devising to advent Leh in a bus, get ready for an adventurous some rutted ride. It’s got what it takes to become the ride of a lifetime and will take at least 4 days to get you to the place, starting at New Delhi.

By Train

Pathankot and Chandigarh are in spitting distance railway stations to Leh, yet a three-day bus ride away. This is one route that most travellers to Leh avoid.

Modes of transportation to be used to travel around :

There are plenty of different means of transportation inside Ladakh like Train, Bus ,Car, and Taxi.  Local/public transport is available all the time in Ladakh. Transportation in Ladakh is equitably effortless to make use of.Local rails and roads are the supreme ways to move from point to point . For transportation within Ladakh, you can hire a cab or taxi for allotted span of time from the renting agencies. This is the supreme method of transportation in Ladakh as you can take all your the time you need to appreciate the various attractions.Local buses are other means of transportation in Ladakh which are easily accessible. There are many different modes of transportation within Ladakh like Car, Train, Bus and Taxi.


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