How to plan a Ladakh trip from Delhi via bus?

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How to plan a Ladakh trip from Delhi via bus?

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Resting in the lap of the Himalayas, Ladakh is one of the most visited regions in Jammu & Kashmir. In the last few years, it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Visiting Tibetan monasteries, riding across mountain passes and camping under starry night skies have unmatched charm, only experienced on a Ladakh trip from Delhi.


Apart from unparalleled scenic beauty, Ladakh is known for its vibrant culture, impeccable hospitality and Buddhist monasteries. Often called Little Tibet, you’ll easily notice Tibetan culture prevalent in buildings, cuisine and traditions. Ladakh is home to a huge number of Tibetan Buddhists.


On even the best Leh Ladakh tour packages, you need to be careful and take certain precautions. Fortunately, reputed tour operators have well-experienced guides and staff members to ensure your safety and help you plan a memorable trip. If you still want to plan a visit to Ladakh on your own, a bus ride from Delhi can be an ideal choice.


Planning Ladakh Trip from Delhi via Bus


While a lot of tourists prefer a Ladakh trip by bike, it’s not feasible for everyone. Apart from taking a flight to Ladakh, which may prove to be costly, you can even take a bus to Manali, spend a couple of days exploring the region, and head to Ladakh. Once again, this proves to be expensive due to the length of the trip. A direct bus from Delhi helps you cut cost.


It’s worth mentioning that a direct bus service between Delhi and Leh proves to be quite hectic. The limited connectivity requires you to embark on a long journey through rocky terrain with many high altitude passes.


Ladakh Trip from Delhi


Bus service providers operate from Manali, Srinagar and Delhi. In subsequent paras, we’ve explained what you might expect from a bus journey to Leh from Delhi or Manali. If you don’t find these options feasible, we’re ofcourse at your service to help you plan the perfect trip from any part of the country.


Bus Service from Delhi


Buses depart for Leh from 1st July to 15th September. These buses are operated by HPTDC. During this period, road conditions are favourable, and the difficult Rohtang Pass can be maneuvered. The 35-hour long Ladakh trip from Delhi requires the bus to make several halts on the way, which may include a change of the bus or the driver. The bus journey from Delhi also includes a one-day halt in Keylong.


On the final leg of the journey, the bus passes through amazing sights and terrain, such as Baralacha Pass, Tanglangla Pass, Lachungla Pass, Morey Plains and Gata Loops. The total distance covered by the bus is 1050 km. If you’re an adventure seeker, the long bus journey is an adventure in itself. It not only allows you to reach Ladakh within a strict budget, but also lets you explore some of the most stunning sights in northern India.


Ladakh Tour Cost


Bus Service from Manali


HPTDC also operates buses from Manali to Leh. These buses ply on Manali-Leh highway twice a week. On this journey, you can explore some of the most breathtaking sights enroute to Ladakh. In fact, it’s considered to be one of the most scenic routes for road trips around the world. The bus crosses several high altitude loops, lakes, mountain passes, plains and deserts.


The semi-deluxe buses operating on this route even halt for sightseeing. The fare includes a night halt with meal options. The key USP of this route is crossing some of the highest and most scenic motorable passes, such as Lachulung La, Nakee La, Taglang La, Baralacha La and Rohtang Pass. The total distance covered on the trip is 475 km.


A Ladakh trip from Delhi is possible via bus, self-driven car, bike and flight. While the bus service is cheap, it’s a very long and tiring journey. On the other hand, a trip via bike or flight can prove to be quite expensive. Moreover, you need to keep several aspects in mind to ensure safety. For a trip to Ladakh, it’s always better to book a package with a reputed tour operator.


Tour operators are well-versed with various safety norms and acclimatization procedures. Moreover, professional companies ensure you’re able to have a good time on the trip without worrying about specific details of planning. If you’re planning a Ladakh trip from Delhi, get in touch with our team to plan the perfect trip. Just click here.


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