How to prepare for Chadar frozen trek?

Chadar Trek in February



How to prepare for Chadar frozen trek?

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Preparing yourself for a tough and challenging trek can seem troublesome. In reality, that’s not the case. With some simple tips, you can easily prepare yourself for Chadar frozen trek. Due to the high Chadar trek altitude, the air gets thinner, and you may be gasping for oxygen. When the human body reaches a height of 7,000 feet or 2,100 metres above sea level, oxygen levels in the hemoglobin begin to dip. Chadar trek is at a height of 11,000 feet above sea level.


It’s important to understand that the human body has long-term and short-term adaptations to high altitude. This allows you to breathe without any major issues. However, you still need to prepare yourself for the experience and difficulty. Here are some tips you can use to ensure a hassle-free trip.


Chadar Frozen Trek – Preparations

Chadar trek is one of the most difficult treks in the country. However, Chadar trek for beginners is possible with above-average fitness. The trail of the trek is clearly laid out. With a few steep descends and ascends, you won’t face any major problems. Water is also available throughout the Chadar frozen trek. You can adopt a basic training schedule to prepare yourself for the trek.


Chadar Frozen Trek
Credits – Atul (Our Dashing Trekking Enthusiast)


On average, you need to cover approximately 9 km within 6 hours. Depending on weather and terrain, there may be some variation in the distance being covered. This is equivalent to walking about 6 km per hour in the plains. You should start training yourself with a 3 km run in 30 minutes. Your training program should also include warm-up and stretching exercises. To manage Chadar trek difficulty, you can use the schedule below:


Week 1: 10 minute brisk walk, 10 minute jog, 10 minute slow walk


Week 2: 5 minute brisk walk, 15 minute jog, 5 minute slow walk


Week 3: 5 minute brisk walk, 15 minute jog, 5 minute slow walk


Week 4: 5 minute brisk walk, 25 minute jog


With this schedule, you can easily prepare yourself for one of the most amazing trekking experiences. For more information, just click here.


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