How to Reach Bhrigu Lake?

How to Reach Bhrigu Lake



How to Reach Bhrigu Lake?

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Located in the scenic Kullu Valley, Bhrigu lake is one of the most visited sites in Himachal Pradesh. The glacial lake has been named after the mythological saint ‘Bhrigu’. At 4,300 metres above sea level, this trekking route has been extremely popular among trekkes and backpackers from around the world. If you’ve been wondering about how to reach Bhrigu lake, this post will give you some important information.


Though it’s a relatively easy trek, which is quite popular among beginners, the trail is often visited by experienced trekkers. The lush green meadows and captivating views of snow-capped peaks ensure this route is on every nature lover’s bucket list. According to legend, Saint Bhrigu used the banks of the lake to meditate. As such, the site is considered to be holy and sacred.


The best time to go for Bhrigu Lake trek is between May and October. During these months, trekkers from every part of the world visit the region for a sight of the glacial lake. Through the trek, you’ll be mesmerized by the beauty of alpine fauna and flora, amazing views of snow-clad mountains, dense forests and lush meadows. As mentioned earlier, it’s a relatively easy trek. Hence, Bhrigu Lake trekking experience doesn’t require you to make a lot of efforts.


No other easy trek in the country offers mesmerizing views of Pir Panjal range, Dhauladhar range, Deo Tibba, Hanuman Tibba, Shitidhar Peak, Friendship Peak and Chandrabhaga range. If you’re lucky, you may also catch stunning views of Snow Cock, Himalayan Monal and other pheasants. A lot of first-time goers wonder how to reach Bhrigu Lake. With this post, we want to provide information about the route, so it becomes easier to plan the trip.


How to Reach Bhrigu Lake?


Bhrigu Lake trek starts from Gulaba, which is about 22 km from Manali. If you’re planning the trip from Delhi, you’ll have to reach Manali, which is about 540 km from the capital city. A short drive will take you to Gulaba via Kothite, Palchan and Kolang.


How to Reach Bhrigu Lake


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Reach Manali from Delhi by Bus


To reach Manali from Delhi via road, it takes about 14 hours to complete the journey. If you haven’t booked a package that includes transportation, you will have to purchase tickets from ISBT or a tour operator like Redbus. According to seasoned trekkers, Volvo buses are considered the best option for the trip.


Most buses leave for Manali around 5 PM, and reach the destination next morning. A ticket for a one-way journey costs somewhere around INR 1,400 – INR 1,500 per person. If you’re on a tight budget, a regular bus costs around INR 700 per person.


Reach Manali from Delhi by Flight


If budget isn’t a constraint, you could book a flight ticket to reach Manali from Delhi. Air India and a few other airlines provide regular flights between the two cities. From the Airport, you can take a taxi to reach Manali, or even a direct taxi that takes you to Gulaba.


Reach Manali from Delhi by Taxi/Car


For a more convenient journey, you could book a taxi from Delhi. Depending on the number of travellers, it costs around INR 2,500 – INR 4,000 per person. It can be a good option for a large group or a family.


Bhrigu Lake Trek


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Trekking is often considered to be a way to take the road less travelled. Some serene places in the world can only be approached on foot. A bus or a car won’t take you there. However, if you’re lucky, a mode of transportation makes the journey more accessible and convenient. Bhrigu Lake trek is one of those places.


As the tourist demand increases, more routes are being developed to allow travellers to reach Bhrigu Lake. However, a trekking experience is still unmatched, and allows you to be up-close with nature. If you always wondered how to reach Bhrigu Lake, we hope this post helped you out. If you still haven’t figured it out, get in touch with our team to know about our packages and treks.


At an altitude of 4,300 metres, Bhrigu Lake is one of the most scenic destinations near the Himalayas. A relatively easy trek, it should be on every adventure enthusiast’s bucket list. If you want to get in touch with our team of experienced trekkers and support staff, please click here.


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