How to Reach Kedarkantha from Delhi?

How to Reach Kedarkantha from Delhi



How to Reach Kedarkantha from Delhi?

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If you want to know how to reach Kedarkantha from Delhi, then you have come to the right place. Kedarkantha is one of the most sought after trekking destinations in North India owing to its ease of access. Kedarkantha trek is open all year round, making it one place you can explore even during winters.


When planning Kedarkantha trek from Delhi, you first have to get to Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand. Since Dehradun is well-connected to all major Indian cities by air, rail, and road, you won’t have any problems in getting there. On reaching Dehradun, you will have to hire a cab or board a bus which will take you to Sankri, a small village and the starting point of the Kedarkantha trek.


It is worth mentioning that anyone who is in reasonably good health can go on Kedarkantha trek. He or she should be older than five, and younger than sixty-five. However, it is important that any trekker regardless of age should be in reasonably good health and free from any disease that could prevent him or her from climbing heights. 


How to Reach Kedarkantha from Delhi?


If you’re planning Kedarkantha trek, you will have to go through the capital city Dehradun. This is quite convenient when you are planning to reach Kedarkantha from Delhi, as there are multiple options via which you can reach Dehradun. There are multiple modes of transports that will take you there in about six to seven hours. Most of these options allow you to plan a convenient journey on the overall Delhi to Kedarkantha distance better.


In order to reach Dehradun, you can take a train, since there are so many convenient options available. If you’re short on booking time, you can take a cab or bus from New Delhi. All these options would get you to Dehradun by morning if you leave at night. Of course, air travel is much faster, and you could be in Dehradun from Delhi within one hour.


As far as roads are concerned, there are public and private buses plying from Delhi. Alternately, you could also hire a cab if you can afford it. The roadway buses take quite a bit of time and it could be anywhere between eight to ten hours. Taxis and cabs reach much faster and the general travelling time is around six to seven hours.


The Onward Journey


Once you’ve arrived in Dehradun, you have to begin your onward journey to Sankri. First and foremost, Dehradun to Sankri has to be covered by road, and the distance is around 220 kilometers. It takes around seven to eight hours to complete the journey. Owing to the popularity of Kedarkantha, you can easily get a shared taxi or a local bus, which will drop you at the village. 


Since Sankri is the starting point of the trek, you will see a number of trekkers in the village when you arrive. From Sankri, you have to cover a distance of around 10 km on foot to reach Kedarkantha peak. Along the way to the summit, you will have to set up camp once or twice, depending on the distance you cover in a day. The trek route is quite straight forward, and you have to follow the path woven between forests and meadows to reach Kedarkantha base camp. From there, you have to climb uphill for a few hours, and you will reach the summit.


How to Reach Kedarkantha from Delhi

What Makes Kedarkantha Trek Special?


Though there are many such treks in the country, there are a few unique and special things about Kedarkantha trekking. One such thing is the total distance covered on the trek, both ways, is approximately 22 km. Hence, it’s not a tough trekking expedition and attracts different kinds of tourists from around the world. The trekking route is known for its lush green, wide-open meadows, alpine forests, endless ridges, and the abundant flora and fauna. 


If you’re a beginner and would like to gain some trekking experience, you should plan Kedarkantha trek from Delhi. We are sure the above Kedarkantha trek guide could come in handy if you undertake this trip. If you’re looking for more information about how to reach Kedarkantha from Delhi or want to discuss your requirements, please click here.


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