How’s a Stok Kangri Trek in July?

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How’s a Stok Kangri Trek in July?

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One of the most popular peaks in Zanskar Range, Stok Kangri stands tall at a height of 6153 metres above sea level. Situated in the Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir, the arid and high landscape attracts trekkers and backpackers from around the world. Stok Kangri trek in July offers an unparalleled experience to every trekking and nature enthusiast.


If you’re travelling from a major city in India, you can take a flight to Leh, where your journey to the mountains begins. For the first couple of days, you should acclimatize to the high altitude and cold weather.


During this period, you can visit Thiksey, Shey and Hemis monasteries, or even explore the several cafes and shops in the city. In addition to this, depending on the length of your trip, you can drive along the highest motorable road in the world, i.e., Khardung La Pass.


After spending this time in Leh, you can leave for Stok Kangri trek through scattered mountain villages, remote valleys, Buddhist monasteries and several scenic sights. Most of the trek is based around the famous Markha Valley trail. If you’ve planned the Stok Kangri trekking experience with a tour operator, you could even get the itinerary customized.


Stok Kangri Trek in July


July is one of the best months to plan a trek to Stok Kangri. Though the weather is pleasant, you still need good physical fitness and mental preparedness to plan a Stok Kangri trek in July. Since the region is always snowy, the entire trail is very demanding and challenging. With a staggering height of over 6000 metres above sea level, Stok Kangri trek requires you to get fully acclimatized to the altitude and weather.


stok kangri trek in july


Throughout the trek, you’ll cross several steep ascends and sharp curves. While the weather won’t be as harsh as the early season, you still need to keep yourself warm. Even the strongest trekkers sometimes find it difficult to fight the harsh conditions. Even the stretch with snow-less ridges isn’t considered an easy task. Throughout the trail, you need to negotiate boulders and tricky sections.


Contrary to popular belief, snow is just one part of the challenge. In order to stay safe and enjoy Stok Kangri trekking experience, you need to be properly acclimatized to the high altitude. At 6000 metres above sea level, air gets thinner, and you can’t leave anything to chance. Therefore, it’s better to plan this trek under the guidance of seasoned trekkers.


Stok Kangri Weather in July


From June to September, the weather in Stok Kangri remains pleasant. It’s one of the best periods to plan your trip. The average temperature in July ranges somewhere between 10 to 20 degree celsius. However, it can dip sharply at night. Therefore, you should carry a lot of warm clothes. You shouldn’t also discard the possibility of unexpected storms and blizzards.


Considering the height, difficulty and several other factors, you should plan the trip with professionals. Experienced and seasoned trekkers working with Renok Adventures ensure your safety, and provide you with an amazing Stok Kangri trekking experience. If you’re looking to plan Stok Kangri trek in July, feel free to get in touch with us.



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