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How’s a Stok Kangri Trek in June?

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How’s a Stok Kangri Trek in June?

One of the major trekking peaks in Ladakh region, Stok Kangri is located at a steep height of 6153 metres above sea level. A trek to this high summit provides you with an opportunity to scale of one of the tallest peaks in the region without requiring any technical expertise or mountaineering skills. Though you’ll still find snow throughout the route, Stok Kangri trek in June is an ideal choice.

With its several peaks and natural wonders, trekking in Ladakh is an unparalleled experience. From the summit, you’ll be able to get panoramic views of the famous Karakoram and Zanskar Ranges. A trek to Stok Kangri paints the perfect picture of Himalayan beauty.

Though the trek doesn’t require you to know about any special mountaineering skills, you still shouldn’t ignore the dangers associated with Stok Kangri trekking. Th trek requires comprehensive planning, and it’s better to have some prior experience trekking high peaks.

Underestimating the altitude of the peak can turn out to be a big mistake. The mountain doesn’t like overconfident trekkers, and it’s better to plan this trek under the guidance and supervision of seasoned trekkers.


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Stok Kangri Trek in June

While planning Stok Kangri trek in June, you’d need good physical fitness. The weather will still be cold, and you’d have to fight the freezing winds. It’s also important to prepare yourself mentally. Since it’s the early season, the trek can be very challenging and demanding. Since it’s beyond 5000 metres above sea level, you need to get acclimatized properly. You’ll also need tremendous strength in your legs to beat exhaustion and fatigue.

Stok Kangri Trek in June

In order to reach the summit, you have to cross steep ascends, which are mostly covered with snow in June. In the early season, the amount of snow you encounter can tire even the most seasoned trekkers. You need to negotiate many tricky sections and few boulders near deep falls.

It’s worth mentioning that snow is just one part of the challenge. The high altitude is the biggest challenge during the trek. For Stok Kangri trekking, you need to be fit and well-acclimatized. When you’re at 6000 metres above sea level, air gets thinner, and you need to be properly acclimatized to even begin the journey.

Stok Kangri Weather in June

In the month of June, the season starts, and you can witness snow in the region. The temperature ranges somewhere between 10 to 20 degree celsius during the day, and dips sharply at night. It’s important to carry a lot of warm clothes. At such steep height, you may even notice some unexpected storms and blizzards.

Considering the difficulty, height and other factors, it’s better to plan your trip with professional tour operators. Renok Adventures has been conducting tours in Leh – Ladakh region for quite some time. If you want to plan Stok Kangri trek in June, feel free to get in touch with our seasoned trekkers.

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    Would like to do Stok Kangri in June…please guide

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      We have Stok Kangri Fixed Departures starting from July, Stok Kangri in June will have loads of snow and little technical

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    Planning for stok Kangri in June.. kindly guide


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