How’s Triund Weather in January?

Triund Trek in Winter



How’s Triund Weather in January?

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One of the most popular trekking destinations in northern India, a visit to Triund feels delightful any time of the year, including the cold month of January. If you like nature, clouds, scenic mountain views or camping under the starlit night sky, a trek to Triund will be an excellent choice. A short 3 to 4 hour trek from the Main Square in McLeodganj, Triund is easily accessible throughout the year. Before we tell you about Triund weather in January, here’s what you should know about the trek.


Whether you plan to visit Triund in the summer season or wish to walk over the snowy mountain terrain, Triund always gives mesmerizing views of the Dhauladhar range and lush green valleys. On your trek, be ready to be accompanied by cute, harmless mountain dogs.


On the way, you will find a handful of tuck shops that sell snacks, water bottles, and ofcourse, maggi. A similar shop is also available at the top. You can easily rent camping tents too. It’s important to note that the weather on top can change drastically, and it’s always recommended to carry warm clothes.

Triund Weather in January


Triund Weather in January


During the month of January, Triund gets pretty cold, and it’s important to carry a lot of warm clothes while keeping yourself hydrated. The temperature can range between 10 degree celsius during the day to below 1 degree celsius during the night. There are also chances of heavy snowfall, which makes the route very difficulty.

For a good trekking experience, it’s highly recommended to consult experienced and professional trekking experts. If you’re looking to plan a trek to Triund, you can get in touch with our seasoned trekkers. Just click here.


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