How’s Triund Weather in September?

Triund Trek in Autumn



How’s Triund Weather in September?

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Triund is a very popular and scenic trekking route in Himachal Pradesh. It’s quite popular among amateur trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. Though the trek is open throughout the year, September is one of the best months to plan your trip. Triund weather in September is clear and pleasant. About 7 km from the city center in McLeodganj, it takes approximately 4 hours to reach the top.


Most people prefer to start the trek near Bhagsu waterfall, which is not only a popular scenic spot, but also houses the famous Shiva Cafe. On your way to the top, you can catch mesmerizing views of the snow-capped Dhauladhar range, lush valleys and many other amazing sights.


When you start the trek, you will see numerous trekkers coming back from the top. During this period, many people prefer camping overnight. On your way, you can buy snacks, water, maggi etc. from a few small shops. There’s even a small shop at the top of the hill. Camping tents and equipment are easily available at reasonable prices.


Triund Weather in September


Triund Weather in September


During the month of September, monsoon subsides, and the weather’s pleasant all around. This is one of the best months to visit Triund. However, you may have to be at peace with huge crowds on the way. During this period, the temperature ranges from 23 degree celsius in the day to 15 degree celsius in the night.

For an amazing trekking experience, it’s important to let professional trekkers and support staff plan your trip. It not only ensures your safety, but also allows you to enjoy without worrying about anything. To get in touch with our team, just click here.


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