Is Nag Tibba Trek in 3 Days Possible?

Nag Tibba Trek in 3 Days



Is Nag Tibba Trek in 3 Days Possible?

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In the last few years, Nag Tibba trek has become one of the most popular winter treks in the country. Trekkers from all parts of the country visit this scenic trekking route in Uttarakhand throughout the year. Though the trek is open in all months, most trekkers prefer a visit between October and March. Seasoned trekkers recommend an itinerary for Nag Tibba trek in 3 days. This allows them to cover the distance, stay in the camp, and indulge in other adventures without rushing themselves through things.


Nag Tibba Trek in 3 Days


Located on the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas, Nag Tibba is at a staggering height of 9,915 feet above sea level. This makes it one of the highest peaks in the Garhwal region. The total distance of the trek is 8 km, and though it’s easily doable in one day, seasoned trekkers prefer a 3-day trip for a wholesome experience. Here’s a brief itinerary to help you get started.


Day 1 – It’s better to start your journey early in the morning. From Delhi, you can reach Dehradun around 5 AM. After a one-hour breakfast, you can leave for Pantwari. A 4-hour journey takes you to the end of a dirt road. If you’re planning a 3-day Nag Tibba trekking experience, it’s better to skip the camp at this time. Instead, you should start the trek for Nag Devta temple. You should reach the destination by 2-3 PM.


After an hour’s walk, you cross a barren stretch. A dense forest area awaits your arrival. It feels amazing to walk through the forest cover. A two-hour walk takes you to the camping site, which offers a lot more in terms of nature and experiences. You can catch the mesmerizing sunset with the majestic Himalayan ranges in the backdrop. It’s the perfect way to end your first day of Nag Tibba trek.


Nag Tibba Trek in 3 Days


Day 2 – On the second day, you should start early in the morning with a packed lunch. From Nag Devta temple, it takes about 2 hours to reach the summit. Once you’ve reached the top of the mountain, soak in breathtaking views of several Himalayan peaks, such as Kedarnath, Srikanth, Swargarohini, Bandarpunch and Gangotri. After spending an hour, you can leave for the camp in the afternoon. It provides you with a wholesome Nag Tibba trekking experience.


Day 3 – On the third day, you can choose a different route to get back. Instead of Pantwari, you can leave for Aunter from the other side of the mountain. At 9 AM, you should leave from Nag Devta temple. The entire trail seems flat, with Rhododendron trees giving you company throughout the trek. This is the best way to complete Nag Tibba trek in 3 days.


The entire trail makes you feel much closer to nature, and provides you with respite from city life. If you’re looking to plan a Nag Tibba trek in 3 days, feel free to get in touch with our team of guides, trekkers and support staff. We make sure you have a thrilling experience, and ensure your safety at every step. To get in touch with us, please click here.


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