Is Nag Tibba Trek in One Day Possible?

Nag Tibba Trek in One Day



Is Nag Tibba Trek in One Day Possible?

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Of late, Nag Tibba trek has become one of the most preferred winter treks in Uttarakhand. Though the trek is open throughout the year, most trekkers plan a visit between October and March. Its proximity to Mussoorie, a popular hill station, makes it an ideal weekend getaway for beginners and amateur trekkers. If you’re planning to take a halt in Mussoorie, or don’t have much time on your hands, you can complete Nag Tibba trek in one day.


In order to start the trek, you need to reach either Dehradun or Mussoorie. From Dehradun, it takes about 4 hours to reach Pantwari, the basecamp of the trek. According to seasoned trekkers, it takes 2-3 days to complete the journey, if you’ve planned to stay in a camp overnight. Otherwise, the 8 km trek can be completed on the same day without much exertion or fatigue.


Nag Tibba Trek in One Day


In order to help you understand the route, we’ve tried to give a brief itinerary for the trek. Without a doubt, Nag Tibba trekking provides you with a wholesome experience, and ensures you have an amazing trekking experience. With Renok Adventures, you’re in the company of like-minded trekkers, who not only enrich your experience, but also ensure your safety.


Day 1 – Just like other treks in the region, it’s better to start this one early in the morning. Once you’ve reached Dehradun, you can take a cab to Pantwari. From here, you can take the dirt-road (motorable) for about 3 km to the basecamp. Most experienced trekkers can finish this stretch within 3 hours. At the edge of the forest, you can camp and soak in mesmerizing views of the majestic Himalayas.


Day 2 – On the second day, start the trek for the summit. It’s a steep uphill climb with moderate ascends. Since it’s a relatively easy trek, you won’t experience much issues. By noon, you can reach the summit, which offers stunning views of Bandarpunch, Srikanth, Kedarnath and Gangotri peaks.


Nag Tibba Trek in One Day


It’s advised to spend an hour at the summit, soaking in mesmerizing views, and leave for Pantwari to make it before the sunset. From here, a cab can take you to Dehradun to finish your Nag Tibba trek. If you reach the summit in the afternoon, it can get hazy, and makes it difficult to catch good views of the Himalayas.


Is It a Good Idea to Cover Nag Tibba Trek in One Day?


According to seasoned trekkers, it’s possible to complete Nag Tibba trek in one day. However, most trekkers prefer to stay in the camp overnight on the way back. It allows them to relax and unwind before leaving for Dehradun. You can also indulge in bonfire and other activities to enrich your experience.


Regardless of the duration of Nag Tibba trek, it provides you with a wholesome trekking experience. If you’re looking for Nag Tibba trekking packages, feel free to get in touch with our team of seasoned trekkers and guides. Renok Adventures is well-versed with terrain and weather in Uttarakhand and Himalayas to ensure your safety, and provides you with an amazing experience. To get in touch, please click here.


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