Is Triund night stay worth it?



Is Triund night stay worth it?

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If you’ve ever wanted to trek to Triund, you must be in a dilemma between choosing to stay at the top without proper lodging facilities and reaching your good hotel in McLeodganj on the same day. But let us simply put it. Triund night stay is worth every second of time you spend at the top. The clear night sky shows you a galaxy of stars you won’t see anywhere else, especially in the busy cities. For a nominal tent price in Triund, you can have an experience of a lifetime.


Triund Night Stay Options


Triund night sky is like an imprint that stays with you forever. Millions of stars clearly visible in the sky offer a 6-hour long breathtaking experience. When you reach the top, you can easily rent a tent for approximately INR 500 – INR 1,000. Locals are pretty helpful, and even provide help in setting up the camp.


Triund Night Stay


Apart from this, you can pre-book a package to make the most of your trip. Most professional tour operators have amazing campsites that offer mesmerizing views. Moreover, it means you don’t have to worry about setting up your own camp or carrying camping gear from McLeodganj to the top.


The third option for Triund night stay is the Forest Department Rest House. It has 3-4 rooms available at any point of time, and offers basic facilities. However, it can be hard to book the rest house after reaching the top. It’s recommended to book it in advance from the Forest Department office in Dharamshala.


To avoid any hassles and have an amazing time on your trek, it’s good to book a package with seasoned trekkers and experienced guides. If you want more information about Triund trekking experiences, click here.


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