Is winter the best time to visit Chadar trek?

Chadar Trek Review



Is winter the best time to visit Chadar trek?

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Chadar trek is one of the most popular trekking routes in the Himalayan region, and one of the most difficult in the country. With several challenges enroute, the trek requires you to fight freezing temperature and high altitude. With some research and planning, you can figure out the best time to visit Chadar trek and plan the perfect trip.


The total Chadar trek distance is 105 km. The trek starts from Leh and takes you through several small villages in the Leh & Ladakh region. The USP of Chadar trek is the walk over Zanskar river. Since the river only freezes during the months of January and February, winter is indeed the right season to plan this trek.


Best Time to Visit Chadar Trek


Many tour operators even organize Chadar trek for beginners. Between the months of January and February, Zanskar river gets frozen, and allows people to walk through the serene beauty of the Himalayas. This unique trekking experience is not only unforgettable, but also a once in a lifetime opportunity. In other seasons throughout the year, the sheet of ice over the river is quite thin, which makes it near impossible to indulge in the trek.


Best Time to Visit Chadar Trek
Credits – Atul (Our Dashing Trekking Enthusiast)


With amazing views of the Himalayas and dangling icicles all around, Chadar trek gets engraved deep in your memory for life. Contrary to popular belief, Chadar trek can be easily planned for beginners. However, you should plan this trip under the guidance and supervision of seasoned trekkers and experienced tour operators.


While walking on a frozen river in a serene and remote landscape might sound amazing, it’s a challenging task. If you want to find more info about the best time to visit Chadar trek, preparations etc., get in touch with our team. Just click here.


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